Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sister Birthday Craft

This sister craft seemed to get away from us.  We were trying to plan for Andrea's birthday which is the middle of November.  We wanted to make a Thanksgiving craft.  I have to admit, as insane as this day was...probably my favorite of our sister crafts.  We do a meal and craft for each of our birthdays.  Its nice to get together, but sometimes the stress of trying to plan a date that works and the craft makes it frustrating.  Still love it though.  We struggled getting this date to work.  Teresa had to leave early, Sherry couldn't come, mom had something later and I was going to have to bring my kids because Keith was at a scout training (and I had to get home so I could babysit twins while the parents went to the temple).  GRRRR!  Teresa took charge of planning the boat.  I did the little people.  I saw a picture of the people and loved it.  It totally looked cute with the boat.  

We had to each take a job and do more of an assembly line as opposed to make your own.  Even though Sherry wasn't there we made her one so that added extra time.  I ended up just making all the people and Teresa and Andrea pulled off the boat.  It was a bit crazy and frantic rushing through it.  We kind of finished as people started dwindling.  I was the last to leave and I was cutting it very close.  I still had to make a stop on the way home.  I was buying bean bags off craigslist and it was on the way home (I'm making new ones for the girls for Christmas and just needed the filling).  I was late getting home, but luckily my friend I was babysitting for was running late as well.  It all turned out well, but like I said...FRANTIC.  At least I got a TOTALLY awesome and original craft out of it!  Take that Pinterest!

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