Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh the Craziness of of December

I really have struggled with demands this December.  Ward party, family parties, parties, recitals, it just goes on and one.  I feel like EVERYTHING and EVERYONE has something going on that we are trying to fit in.  I hate missing out on things so I make myself crazy going to everything and then suddenly I hate this month.  I remember mom hating Christmas and it always made me sad, but really it's just so hard to please everyone.  I need to come up with something to help with next year, because I really burned out this year.  We had all the shopping and cards done before the first weekend of December.  I just don't know how to stay calm and fit everything in.  Maybe I just need to go on vacation the whole month and miss everything.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE seeing friends and family and spending time.  I love to be invited and included...there is just SO much crammed into this month I don't know how to do all.

We did really want to get to go to the temple lights with the girls.  They love seeing the lights and it is so much fun to drive around our neighborhood (we have some SERIOUSLY decked out light houses in our neighborhood).  The girls loved seeing the nativity at the temple and seeing the lights.

My last year of college was probably my favorite year of college.  I lived with great friends and we had the best group of guys next door.  They were like our brothers.  We did everything together (haha, even most meal).  We were really close and I cherish their friendships so much.  One of our "brothers" lives in Colorado and we haven't really seen him since that last year.  He was in Mesa for a sibling's wedding.  We decided to all meet up on a Saturday morning (before Christmas).  We tried to meet up at a park, but it ended up sprinkling so we headed back to the house Bjorn and his family were staying at. None of us have ever met his wife and he hadn't met any of our spouses of kids.  Rue immediately made friends with Elizabeth and Bjorn.  Ada soon warmed up and honestly we couldn't get her to leave Bjorn alone.  She was completely attached to him and just wanted to play with him.  He was so good with her and it was SO fun.  I just felt so happy inside spending time with these people that were once my family away from home.  We were having so much fun chatting and such that we ended up there longer than expected and were late to my family's lunch thing.  Oh well, totally worth it to me.  I'm grateful for the friendship we share and SO fun to catch up with Bjorn.
(Elizabeth, Bjorn-neighbor, Danielle-roommate, Heather-roommate and her fiance with Michelle's little boy in arms, Michelle-roommate all 3 years, her daughter, Keith and I with our girl)
Ada asked for Bjorn for several days after this.  She kept asking if we could go play with my friend again.

When we got back to my parent's house we had lunch but then Keith wanted to go visit this couple who had been involved with us acedemically/financially since we met.  It was Keith's advisor when we was at Phoenix College and we became close with this older couple (lds).  They gave us financial advice and kept in touch over the years.  We hadn't seen them in a while and Keith really wanted to visit.  My family was doing their gingerbread house competition at the same time as well as an old high school friend was going through the temple at the same time.  SERIOUSLY!!! we can't better spread things out for my sanity.  THREE things all at the same time.  SO frustrating.  We went and visited the older couple for Keith and missed the other two.  It was just a very frustrating afternoon.

After our visit with the Nortons (the older couple) we went back to mom's house for some more family time (that was the evening we went to the temple).

Sunday (the next evening) we were all gathering again for our traditional nativity reenactment.  We have ALWAYS done this Christmas eve, but it just wasn't going to work this year so we decided to move it to the Sunday before.  We had a yummy turkey dinner together.  We brought Grandma Broderick out with us.  After our delish dinner, we got set up for the "show."  Mom and I sewed up all these costumes a few years ago.  We had all the little girls be the angels.  They are pretty darn cute.  It's always a bit crazy and whatever, but we make it through.  Hope the kids have memories of this and know what the true meaning of Christmas is.  Things went a bit late and we were hurrying to get home.  Grandma however really wanted to see the lights at the temple.  Since we had taken the kids already and they were cranky and cold, Keith just dropped Grandma and I off to take a quick stroll around.  It was massively busy, but we did manage to make it around and see the lights.  Grandma was excited to see them and I'm glad we made the stop.  It has been a VERY busy couple of days and the girls haven't gotten to bed on time in a few days.  At least Keith is home now.  He is taking the next two weeks off work.  Monday morning we would be able to sleep in and then get things done together.

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