Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Birthday 4 year old

Ada turned 4 on december third.  She wanted another doll cake.  We decided to try a different approach this time.  I think it worked out much better this time.  I baked it in three levels.  It is a lemon cake with lemon frosting.  We used one of her barbies for the doll.  We wrapped her in plastic wrap (although Ada was still very concerned the doll would get all messy).    I didn't cut enough out of the center so it was a bit tricky shoving the doll in.  Ada wanted to help this time so I had her help me put it together and "dirty ice" it.

Then the directions said to refrigerate it for an hour or so before decorating it.  Ada was VERY concerned about her poor doll going in the fridge.  She kept saying she would get cold in there and not to put her in.  So, in my feeble attempt to avoid a fight we made a shawl out of plastic wrap and put it on her.  This was her "jacket" and then Ada was ok with her going in to fridge.  Ada then went to bed and an hour later I got to decorate it.

It isn't the most flattering dress, but at least it looks better than last years cake.  I'm pretty please with it and was pretty excited to have Ada see it in the morning.

Keith had to do a site visit in the morning (early!) so he was able to swing back by the house on his way in.  We did her streamer door (no pictures, just a little video) and she got a kick out of it.  We had waffles and cream for breakfast...her favorite!  The Keith showed up so we did gifts.  We just did her new shirt and shoes.  Then dad headed off to work and we set up for her party.  We were doing a tea party again.  This year was going to be easier and less complicated.  Teresa came out early with her kiddos and the kids played for a while before.  We had the hammock up in the back and boy was it a hit amongst the kids. Cute little Rue and Logan even had fun in it.

Basically, EVERYONE at the party wanted in on the hammock fun.  This shot we had at least 5 kids in it.  This is still Keith's mission "polygamy" hammock.  It's seriously SO huge and the kids loved it!  So funny to watch them getting in and out.

We did the party in the back yard (LOVE that I finally have a backyard to do it in).  I'd set up a banquet table with chairs around.  First the kids made princess necklaces.  I'd strung the elastic string and had real beads for them to use.  The all seemed to get a kick out of making a real necklace.  Next we brought out the cupcakes and let the kids frost it (brilliant, because they didn't get much on and that means less eaten) and then there were sprinkles and mini chocolate chips to decorate with.  It was hilarious watching Ada decorate.  I see so much more of her daddy coming out in her mannerisms.  She was VERY meticulous about how she decorated.  Put on the chips one by one and was careful to place them.  She was the last kid done decorating.  Actually, all the other kids and finished decorating AND eaten then cupcakes before she was done decorating.  So funny!  After that we just let the kids run and play.  They did fairly well.  It felt so much less stressful than last years party and we had so much fun.  I'm so grateful for friends who came and supported.  They even brought her gifts (totally not necessary).  She was in heaven all day!

In the evening I invited all the Christian family over for homemade pizza and cake.  Everyone was sweet to come and luckily we had plenty of pizza and it tasted pretty good.  Melissa and Jason got her a doctor set...LOVE!  she even had a little scrub shirt for her.  Ada loves to play doctor with her friends. So much fun!  She got some new barbie clothes, puzzles and a few other things.  SO sweet of everyone.  Then we sang and had cake.  Rue loves to play with their singing birthday cake toy from a pervious year.  I had no idea she actually knew how to sing Happy Birthday.  It was SO cute (again, or video).  Ada has always been a bit timid about blowing out her candles.  Rue...not so much.  As soon as the song was over Rue leaned over to blow them out.  I think she may have gotten one or two before Ada finally jumped in.  The cake was yummy and the day really was quite wonderful.  We presented her with our big gift...A SCOOTER!  She has actually been praying for a few months that Santa will bring her one.  Decided I wanted US to get credit, not "Santa" so we did it for her birthday.  She was very excited and jumped on right away and rode away.
I'm so grateful for this little lady.  She is very sassy and VERY opinionated.  I worry about how I will ever be able to handle her teenage years.  She has a VERY strong mind and I hope she knows just how much I love her.  She is so precious to me and life just wouldn't be the same without her.  She is my darling first baby.  I remember when i got pregnant with Rue I couldn't imagine loving anything else the way I love Ada.  She truly has a piece of my heart.  I can't believe she is already 4!

*Ada spent the next several days basically living on her scooter.  She rides it in the house.  She even rides it from the table to go potty and back.  Its really hilarious.  I'm so glad she love it*

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