Sunday, March 2, 2014

Family Portraits

I've always wanted to take REAL family pictures.  Usually we just get a random sibling or parent to snap a family picture of us.  I've always wanted to have someone with "the eye" of photography take our pictures.  I started looking around...but with just having bought a house money is rather tight.  I thought about asking my friend to take them for us.  We took photography together in high school.  Just when i was about to ask her she posted on Facebook that she was going to be setting up sessions to take pictures.  Again, didn't have money, but decided to ask if I could make a trade for the pictures.  She was so sweet to agree.  I made some bread, and a few skirts for her daughter as a trade for family pictures.  It was perfect for us this year!  I'm so grateful she was able to help us out.  We wanted to get them done early enough to be able to get Christmas cards done and ready early.  Here are our favorites.

(I took the above picture with my phone.  Rue has such a silly smile.  This is what she does every time you ask her to smile.  It always means closing her eyes and squint smiling)

 Keith and I actually have a picture (same pose) from when we were dating.  It's funny to see the two side by side.

Rue was a bit stinkerish at first, but we did manage to get a few pictures of her.  I'm so pleased with how they turned out and we finally have some pictures of us to hang in our house.  I'm a fan of having pictures of the family up.

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