Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dance Recital and Work Party

Yep this was all on the same day...the same NIGHT actually.  As mentioned before, I'm starting to understand why my mom hated Christmas.  I've decided though, she didn't hate Christmas, she hated the pressures of December.  Keith and I work really hard to be on top the shopping thing.  I usually work on it throughout the Fall months and in November make up the lists of other family we need to plan for.  It's the obligations and events in December that are starting to overwhelm me. Oh well, this crazy double booked night was FABULOUS!!!

I didn't really get any great pictures of her during the show.  The lights on the stage were too bright for my camera phone to adjust.  No worries, I took lots of videos.  Ada was very nervous and I was worried she wouldn't even get up.  I tried to have her stay by her buddy Brooklee, but when it started they weren't together.  It took a little pushing and she finally saw Brooklee and went up.  They did little warm ups first.  I was SO proud to see her up there!  After warm ups she came had two dances.  One was just with her class (Girl's Just Want to Have Fun).  At the end all the classes got up together and did a fish song. The above video was their warm up.  I was proud of her doing it and following directions.  Sweet girl is learning.  The below picture is her getting ready for her fish song.

Keith's work party was suppose to start in Tempe at 5pm.  The recital started at 4.  We were hoping it would be done by 5 and we would only be half and hour late to the party.  The dance thing didn't get over till after 5.  Keith's parents had come to the recital and planned (kindly) to take the girls with them to their house so we could go to his work party.  I didn't want to leave early (there was a little pushing for us to go early), but I felt it was important to be there for Ada.  She would notice if we weren't there at the end.  In the end, she is more important to me then being on time to some party.  I wanted her to know I was proud of her and loved her.  As soon as it was over we got this picture then Keith and I headed out.  I love my little dancer.

Keith's work party was at Dave and Busters.  They had rented out the balcony and had TONS of food..AMAZING food.  Seriously, delish!!  I had to take a picture because it was so amazing.  We totally stocked up and then when we were finishing up the servers brought out boxes.  They were getting ready to set up for the next reservation and since they can't save food they said anyone could take whatever they wanted in the take home boxes.  There were only a few of us still eating (most people had eaten an hour ago and gone to play games or left).  We loaded up 6 boxes of food.  Felt a little greedy, but I hate the thought of food going to waste.  I can't stand that it is just thrown away.  We loaded up and Keith took it out to the car while I waited inside.  The company had also given each of us 300 token to play games with.  As we headed to the game area one of Keith's friends were headed out and saw us.  They had over a thousand tickets they had won and didn't want to they gave them to us and told us to get the girls something.

(the cheesecake was serious...TO DIE FOR! don't think I've ever had better cheesecake)

We played a few games and then noticed which one was the big hitter that people were mostly winning on.  I watched to see what people where doing and then tried my hand at it.   It took a few turn but then I did it.  I hit the jackpot.  Actually I hit it 6 or 7 times.  It was awesome.  We had thousands of tickets.  I think it was somewhere around 15,000.  It was totally awesome!  It was just fun and we just had a blast.  Keith even hit the jackpot a few times (but I was the big winner).  It was so fun!  Then we hit up the gift shop.  It's so much more fun when you have tons of tickets to burn.  We bought both girl HUGE stuffed animals (a dragon for Ada and giraffe for Rue), soccer ball, huge bouncy ball, little bouncy balls, critter puppets, scrabble magnets and one of those nail like imprint things.  It was SO fun!  I really just had a great time with Keith and we were so excited about the new gifts we had to surprise the girls with on Christmas.  Free grifts for the girls and Christmas for our family was complete.  I loved this evening.  I got to see my lady dance and share with her then got to spend time having fun and being silly with my man.  GREAT day!

The spoils!  We enjoyed eating the food for the next few days.

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