Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yard Work

Our back yard was so messed up even weeds didn't want anything to do with it.  There were nails, glass, screws, washers, and all kinds of random junk in embedded in the dirt.  The shed in the let corner was not what we wanted so we gave it to Jason and Melissa.  The tree you see below was pretty much dead and not providing any kind of shade or fruit so we took that out.

Basically, it was just a huge dirt junk yard.  I couldn't let the kids just go out there and I was feeling desperate to get it a little fixed up so when it cooled off they could be outside.  I started each morning crawling around on my hands and knees sifting through the dirt finding the glass and nails.  We decided that because it is so sloped we will need to cut it and have two tiers.  So I started shoveling and trying to  get parts level.  I borrowed my brother in laws tiller thing.  The dirt was SO hard though it was hard to even make a dent.  I had to soak it and then use the tiller in the mud.  It was a very hard laborious few weeks.  We knew the middle of October was grass planting time and we were really wanting to get some grass in.  Really, I was wanting it and my sweet husband was trying to make me happy.

Som we picked October 12th as our DO IT day.  We told Keith's scouts and tried to spread the word that we needed help.  We borrowed shovels, wheel barrels and rented a rear Tind tiller.  The thing was massive and HEAVY.  It was like a $100 to rent if for the day.  We decided if we really wanted this we were going to have to bite it or we would never finish.  The scouts and I were in charge of digging where the level would split and haul the dirt to the other side of the house.  I have to admit, the scouts were a bit lazy.  I could, by myself, fill a wheel barrel and haul it away before three of them could fill the same sized wheel barrel.  Different generation I guess; grateful for parents who taught me to work hard in the yard.  Keith was in charge of tilling everything.  We started first thing in the morning (7 or 8).  We lost the scouts by about 9 or 10am.  My nephew JR stayed with us though and was a trooper.

This was after several hours of work.  Have to admit, there were several times I didn't think we would actually get to finish it.  The girls hung outside for most of it.  We were still babysitting our friend's dog at this time so we had to be very careful that people weren't going in and out of the house and she may escape outside in the very messy yard.  We put a movie on once for Ada while Rue was napping.  We just kept going.  Keith grabbed some fast food for us so we could keep going.

This was near the end of the day when everything was cut and we were just trying to level things.  It was VERY uneven from the tiller and we knew it needed to be flatter before we could seed.  I tried to rake it at first, but just not great level.  My friend (we were watching their dog) had mentioned her neighbor concocting some creating using a 2x4 and dragging it around to level their yard.  (Weird I know that this was part of one of our conversations, but it was)  Gave me the idea to getting a 2x4 and dragging it around.  I was on my hands and knees pulling it across the yard so it wasn't perfect, but WAY better than the rake.  However, in retrospect we should have watered the dirt before we planted seed.  We didn't plant the seed this night.  It had been 10 hours of extremely labor intensive work.  We were exhausted and couldn't think or move.  But it was level!  It was cut!  It was ready to plant.  I was so happy!  My sweet husband worked so hard to make me happy and give me grass.  We really worked so hard and I'm just so impressed that we were able to get it done.  This was our last picture of the day. We had to take the tiller back to Home Depot after this and clean up a bit.  Very hard day and very successful day.

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Erin said...

So now I have to see the grass picture! Did you finish it! We have Bermuda grass- I know it's hardy but I really want soft green sod. Too bad it's so expensive. One of these years I'll at least plant soft winter rye grass! I really shouldn't live in the dessert with my love to green plants/grass!