Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ugly Pie

Ada and Rue have shown even more love in literature lately.  We go to the library almost every week for a new stack of books.  We are sloowly getting to know our new library by our house.  I don't like it as well as the library by Grandma's house.  The kids section is smaller.  However, we found this fun little book, "Ugly Pie."  It is a crazy story about a bear who wants to make ugly pie.  He travels around to each of his friends and collects random ingredients.  In the end he goes home and makes his ugly pie and then shares with all his friends.  Ada LOVED to sing the little song the bear sings as he travels around.  I wish printed type could capture how she would say it ("UUUUuugilYYYY Pie").  At the end of the story there was a recipe to make the pie.  I figured, why not!  There is no rule that you can only make pies at Thanksgiving.  Plus, Ada thought it was SO cool to make the pie like the story.  I want to be better about doing things like this with her.  I want to take time out of my normal routine and do fun things WITH my kids.

(Don't mind the hair, she is going through a phase where she wants to decorate her hair herself)
First we made the dough.  REALLY not very good at making scratch pie crust.  But, it wasn't about looking nice, it was about letting Ada make it and letting it be "ugly."
The bear collects: molasses, honey, nuts, apples and brown sugar.  So that's what we put in the pie.  Ada was my helper the whole time.

Of course Rue had to be "helpful" as well.

We baked it and had some after lunch!  Ada was SO very proud of her "UUUuugggilllly Pie."  She talked about it for weeks and weeks.  I'm so glad that we took the time to do this.  I hope she will always remember this.  I love my girls and I want to have special memories of things we do together.

(I may have to find and buy this book, just because of the fun memories together)

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