Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tragedy in September

I know, tragedy is a bit extreme, but it was quite devastating to mommy.  I was on the phone setting up bills and such.  Ada came out once and said Rue was bad.  I asked her what was wrong and she just ran away.  Obviously I got distracted with the person on the phone.  A few minutes later I remember that Ada had not come back.  I went in search.  Found them in my bathroom.  Apparently Rue had been bad by getting my makeup bag down and dumping it.  She didn't put anything on, she just dumped it.  However, Ada found my hair cutting scissors in the makeup bag and decided she should use those...ON HER SISTER!!!

She nipped off Rue's beautiful pig tails.  Her hair was almost to her shoulder.  I have to admit, I was very upset.  I put Ada in timeout and Rue in her bed.  I had to finish the dumb bills (and calm down) before I addressed things.  I went in and Rue had fallen asleep in her bed.  The picture below she had just woken up and was crying (she wasn't crying because of her hair or me mad...just cranky wake up). So, she just had nubs.  When I took them out, it was an awful mullet.  I left it to show Keith when he got home.  The next day during breakfast I tried my best to fix and trim up her hair.  It's only hair, I know.  But it takes a while to grow back!  We have to keep a hair tie in the front or you can see the blunt cut near the top.


Michelle Holt said...

Oh my goodness! Good thing she is so cute no matter how short or long her hair is! I am just waiting with baited breath for our first hair-cutting experience!

Michelle Holt said...

Ummm, kind of embarrassed to realize that I completely missed the whole "September" thing and thought this just happened. I would say her hair has grown out quite nicely :)