Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Primary Program

Ada was able to take part of her first primary program.  She is such a cute Sunbeam!  She has struggled with getting out of her comfort zone.  She does not socialize very well.  She is shy and hates to be put on the spot.  She has been in three Sunbeam classes now and it has been hard.  She struggles a bit when we drop her off.  Usually she does better if Keith drops her off.  She was very excited about her primary program.  We have been practicing her line, "Prophets teach us to live the restored gospel."  She is very good at it and we even pretend to say it into a microphone when we practice.

We was very excited the morning of.  We told her she would get to sit on the stand and talk into the microphone.  During the practice I had told her she could have a cookie if she said it.  She did and got a cookie.  I was worried that we would have a replay on Mother's Day and her REFUSE to even go up.  So, food works with Ada.  I told her she could have a scoop of ice cream if she said her part in the microphone.
She was very hesitant to go up.  Luckily...Shocker...she did make it up on the stand.  She stood up of the songs and such, but was a bit too distracted to do much singing.  Her new nervous habit is to suck on her hair.  It just started happening and she was definitely using this to deal with her nervousness.  When it was time for her part she got up.  Got to the microphone....and the hair went in her mouth.  She just stood there like a scared cute little mouse.  Then she looked at us.  I knew she was thinking..."ice cream."  So looking at me she quietly whispered her part.  Not very audible, but it was said.  Guess next year I have to clarify that she has to say if so I can hear if she wants her ice cream.  None the less, she said it and I was very proud of her.
Sadly, she was also assigned to give a talk in primary the same day.  Not really complaining.  I'm happy she gets too.  Just wish it hadn't been the same day as the program.  We went in to primary to hear her give her talk.  I went up to help her and she just froze.  I had forgotten to set up a bribery for this one.  She refused to talk so I ended up saying her talk.  Oh well, first time.  I'm just proud of her for getting up.  Like I said, she is so extremely shy I'm just grateful for any chance to push her out of her bubble and help her.  She's such a cute girl.  Very proud of her.  She looked beautiful and I love that she is mine.  Grandma and Grandpa Christian did come to hear her and brought the twins with them.  Glad for the support of family.

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