Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Peaches, Pears and Curtains

To keep me busy, because let's face it trying to get settled into a new house isn't enough work, we ordered peaches and pears.  My sister and mother in law wanted to learn how to can them, so they split a box of both.  In previous years we have only ordered one.  This year we ordered two boxes.  The peaches came end of August and Pears came beginning of September.
  I've done it one as an adult (many times as a kid) and never by myself.  It was a bit intimidating to be doing it alone, but also in charge of teaching others to do it.  It turned out awesome and we even turned it into a fun preschool activity for the kids.  The night before the peaches Keith and I did a batch with the girls that way I could make sure I remembered.  The next morning Melissa showed up first so we got started right away.  It worked out nice to have her first come before the kids.  I was able to show her the procedures and have her run the main batch while I taught the kids.

We lined the kids up at the counter and gave them their own jars and plastic knives.  We blanched the peaches and then let them cut them on paper plates and fill their jars.  They actually found it very interesting and fun.
I was SO proud of Ada.  She was the only one to stick with it and fill her whole jar by herself.  The other kids lost interest half jar.  She is such a good girl and I'm glad she is learning how to can and work hard.
Pears came a week later.  I had actually never canned pears (my mom doesn't usually even can them).  We did it the same way as the peaches by with out the blanching. We just peeled them, cored and sliced up.  We used less sugar in the jar and just went with it.  It worked out and they are DELISH!!!  I'm so grateful for parents who taught me about canning and the importance of food storage.  I grew up canning food and be very careful about not wasting.

Amid all the canning fun we wanted to finish up our living room.  We had finally got the main wall painted yellow.  I had been very nervous about the boldness of the color, but LOVE love LOVE it now.  It's so bright and unique.  It adds personality to OUR house!  I wanted to make a change from our pretty much all green house.  It's time to expand my horizons.  I decided on yellow and a bold blue.    I went shopping for curtain fabric with my friend Melissa and narrowed it down.  Keith and I went back that night to decide.  We went with this print and the more I look at it I LOVE it.  I haven't made curtains of this size before, but I ventured it.  I had to get a little help from my mom and hems and such.  I tend to be quick sewer and not as picky about details. I forced myself to be very picky and attentive.

They turned out GLORIOUS!  I am very proud of my work and LOVE how my living room is coming together.  It has been a lot of work, and still so much to do.  But, on days the unpacking gets overwhelming I sit in my yellow room and look at my curtains.  At least one room is presentable.

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