Sunday, February 16, 2014

Heading in to October

Going in to October was hectic and very busy.  I finally feel I'm at a place where I can enjoy decorating for holidays.  I'm not a huge scary or gory Halloween person.  I hate anything Halloween that is gross of morbid.  I love cutsie halloween things.  I got to decorate my mantel for the first time.  I LOVED how it turned out.  I will tweak things a bit each year, but I love it.  I found the sticks along side the road.  I made the new banner.  I just had fun with it.

Forgot to mention I started a "sewing group" like I had in Mesa.  In our ward out there every Thursday was sewing night and we took turns meeting at each other's houses.  Everyone would bring their machines and things they were working on.  I love it.  I've been trying to start one out here, but it was hard when I didn't have my OWN house to host it at.  It was really just an idea.  However, it September I finally felt settled enough to start it.  We started Thursday, September 26th.  We do it every Thursday at my house after the kids are down.  For Halloween we asked Ada what she wanted to wear.  Last year she didn't really like her Lego  box, so we wanted her to pick something she would actually wear. She decided she wanted to be a pirate.  Not very unique, but oh well.  We decided to be pirates and Rue would be our little parrot.  At sewing night I worked on her costume and came up with this.  It isn't fabulous, but I think it turned out pretty cute.
My sister in law, Melissa, decided she wanted to run a 5k and wanted to do it with family.  A few other's on Keith's side signed up for it as did we.  Melissa and I started meeting every morning around 5:40 to run.  She had a couch to 5k app on her phone and that was what we used.  I would run to her house and then we would run from there with her app.  It was fun and I really enjoyed getting to know her better and having someone push me to regularly exercise.  We even went shoe shopping together and got new running shoes.  I took Rue with us and she loved trying on all the shoes.  Melissa and I ended up getting the same shoes.  It was fun!

Ada started up a new dance class.  My friend Shiloh is teaching out of her home so I signed up with Brittany and her daughter Brookly. That way we can carpool and the kids have a friend to go with.  Ada loves being back in a dance class.  I don't think she will pursue dancing forever, but it's good practice for her to learn from someone else and get exercise.  

Our friends were celebrating their first anniversary and would be out of town.  She asked if their greyhound could come stay with us while they were gone.  They are such good friends and always so good to us and the girls of course we could help out.  It was a bit tricky with the backyard a dirt mess, so we couldn't just let her out back.  But, we figured it would be good practice.  We really do want to get a dog and it was nice to see how the girls would react.  LaRue is quite obsessed with dogs and honestly followed her everywhere.  Surprisingly Ada showed more attachment than I expected.  She was very attentive to her and made sure she was fed and cared for.
She was a good dog and managed well with the girls.  It was only a week, but what a blast for the girls.  They can handle a we just have to get to a place where WE can handle one.  We need to fix the back yard first.  It was a bit hard to not be able to just let her go outside and go potty.  I had to take her for a walk each time.  It worked out and we had a wonderful time.

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