Tuesday, February 18, 2014

hammock fun

Keith served his mission in the Yucatan Peninsula (that's in southern Mexico).  In his mission they didn't sleep on beds they slept in hammocks.  So, when he came home he brought several back with him.  He calls this one his polygamy hammock because it is massively wide....SERIOUSLY!  I'm 6 ft and it's wider than me.  We found it recently and hung it up.  It has become Ada's FAVORITE spot.  I usually find Ada out there all by herself sitting there singing to herself.  Rue...she's actually a little leery about it.  She will get in it for a little bit, but she doesn't last long.  This was a cute picture shoot when both were laying in there together singing songs to each other.  Since moving I feel like the girls have changed a bit.  They are getting more and more playful with each other.  Ada even pursues her  as a playmate.  Rue is a strong personality (as is Ada), but when Ada wants to play with her Rue tends to just follow Ada and do what her big sister wants her too.

Sometimes they play house.  Usually Ada is the boss, but they take turns being mom.  It's very confusing because they will run around calling "mom."  When I answer they say "Not you."  Oh, apparently I'm not apart of this play scene.

I love these girls!  I love giving them opportunities to play and learn.  I love having a home and backyard for them finally.  They love the space and being able to explore.  The backyard is still mostly dirt, but I'm learning to relax and let go.  They are kids...they need the chance to get dirty.

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