Thursday, February 27, 2014

Halloween Day

I have to admit...this was probably my FAVORITE Halloween in...I can't remember!  SO fun!  Nothing too grand during the day.  It was a Thursday.  I decided it would be fun to have a Halloween here at our own house.  We have usually gone somewhere else to trick or treat (not much fun in an apartment complex).  I decided it would be fun to include Keith's family.  I called his sister, parents and brother.  We were going to do a potluck soup dinner (bring bread or soup) and then we would all go trick or treating together.  Melissa and JR had piano lessons prior so they were a bit later.  Keith and Jason had work so they too were a bit later.  Rob and Emerald didn't get the part about the potluck, but luckily there was enough food. The soup was a super fun idea.  I happen to be a soup and bread lover so I was very pleased with the soup.  I made meatball soup, Melissa made broccoli cheddar and Cary brought rolls.  It was delish!

After food was all eaten and cleared away we got ourselves ready to go.  The kids were all very excited!  Ada didn't want her hat on, but otherwise was excited.  We headed out and went East on Acoma.  Not too many houses with lights on.  The first house had a cute little older couple who just let the kids grab what they wanted.  Rue was THRILLED with a bowl full of candy in front of her and freedom to grab what she wanted.  She kept trying to go make for more handfuls.  The couple loved her and thought she was so funny.  We did finally get away, however Ada started having a bit of a meltdown.  Not sure what set it off.  Crying about wanting to be carried.  We had only gone down from our house maybe three houses.  I knelt down and talked to her.  I explained if she didn't want to walk we go home and everyone else can go on.  Seemed to snap her out of it.  She and Rue even decided to buddy up with Keith's dad.  His mom had the twins, so I was glad that the girls were so excited to be with him.  Ada was his buddy the rest of the time.  Most houses had dogs and as we know...Rue LOVES dogs.  EVERYONE got a kick out of Rue.  She was the highlight and everyone just laughed and had fun with her.  It was so fun to see the girls get excited and get it.  Ada definitely didn't get excited about trick or treating until this year.  Rue loved it!  They were both good about saying thank you.  Ada kept saying "Trick and Treat."  Made me laugh.  It was just so fun!  There were tons of people out in the neighborhood and it was SO exciting that it was OUR neighborhood.  We went one block and then came back.  We put chairs out on the driveway and sat together.  I'd made pumpkin hot chocolate and we enjoyed that while we passed out candy.  It was just a great day!  The kids did well and it was fun to share with family!

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