Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Halloween Block Party

On Saturday October 26th was our old ward, Stewart, had their traditional block party.  We have been going to it for years.  I've been going with Andrea and her family even before Keith and I got married.  We have gone every year of our marriage.  Andrea and Andy are moving and we knew this would probably be our last opportunity to take part with them.  Most of my family will gather and all go to it together.  We still wanted to be part even though it was a drive.  It was a bit of a crazy day.  I spent most of the morning trying to figure it Keith's darn hat.  You'd think it wouldn't be that hard, but darn it all I COULD NOT get that stinker to look right.  Seriously, SO very frustrating.  I finally got it OK and we got ourselves dressed up!

It was successful!  Both kids were great with their costumes and didn't whine about them.  The only thing we had the slightest issue with was Ada didn't want to wear her hat.  No big deal; we just took it off.  It was fun to see so many of our friends for the ward and visit.  Ada was able to actually play some of the games.  She still hasn't caught on to the thrill of running from one thing to the next.  She plays one game and is distracted with the one piece of candy.  Not thinking about getting more by keeping going.  Just makes me laugh.  Most kids were running as fast as they could trying to get as much as they could.  She just isn't like that.  One cool addition this year was one of the ward members had some goats and brought them as a kind of petting zoo.  Rue was totally enamored with them.  She just wanted to spend all night petting them.

We did manage to get pretty much all my family here in the valley to gather.  Ada and Kenna had a fabulous time together.  They are finally maturing enough to love playing together and not just fighting (2 year old struggles).  Everyone loved Rue's costume.  I really thought it was cute too.  It was a great last hooray at our traditional block party.  We missed out on our ward party, but I think it was worth this last memory together.

There were of course many other pirate.  One actually had a real life Parrot.  Hello, HAD to get pictures with my parrot and his parrot.  Although I think mine is much cuter!  Rue was actually nervous about the parrot and refused to touch it.  Weird!  Rue is not usually nervous about animals.  I'm not a huge bird person so I guess I can't blame her.  We always go back to Gordon's house afterwards and hang out together.  Kevin had actually come and we got to meet his new girlfriend Jessica.  They made Lego costumes.  Made me laugh, had to tell them we did it the previous year.  It's so weird to see him dating girls.  He's too little to be looking for a wife.  Weird!

We got home a little late and Ada was VERY sad to leave her cousins, but it was such a wonderful evening.  I had a great time.  Loved our costumes and glad the kids did as well.  Just a great night.

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