Monday, February 17, 2014


Saturday had been so hard we just didn't get the grass seed planted.  Sunday turned into an interesting experience.  I visit teach a single mom in the ward who has been trying to move to New Mexico closer to family.  She needed to go and fill out paperwork and figure out housing, but didn't want to pull her three kids out of school.  She had called me and asked me if I would take all three kids for 4 days.  I had told her I was babysitting a dog and didn't want to take on too much on top of the dog.  So we were able to work it out so I just had her 2nd grade daughter Joie Ray.  She dropped her off at our house Sunday night.  We set up our camping cot in the extra room and that was where she stayed.  It was interesting having an older girl in our mix.  It took a little adjusting, but it actually worked out nicely.  On Monday as soon as Keith got off work we took the kids outside and had them throwing seeds around and we put down mulch and rabbit food.  My friend said they used rabbit food because it is just alfalfa which feeds the seeds, but if cheaper than mulch.  It was also really nice because when watered it puffed up and helped protect the seeds.  So, the kids helped spread the seed and alfalfa pellets.

Earlier, before Keith got off work I had the kids (when Joie Ray got home from school) help me plant veggies in our new garden plots.  We planted radishes, chard, broccoli and butter crunch lettuce.  Joie thought it was so cool to plant a garden.

The rest of the week went ok.  It had ups and downs with an extra kiddo in the house.  Our friends picked up their dog on Tuesday.  Joie was with us until Friday morning.  It was neat being able to share normal life with her.  Life is hard for her.  Her mom is single and works crazy hours.  Joie is alone with her siblings most of the time.  She loved having family prayer each night.  We did FHE on Monday after the grass planting.  We learned about Noah and the ark.  She loved it and kept asking if we do this every week.  She loved having meals together and always wanted me to read her a book before bed.  Keith and I have always tried (not that it's hard) to be affectionate to each other around our kids.  I don't mean gross or anything, but we do kiss and hug in from of them.  We want our kids to know that we care about each other.  Joie thought it was so crazy and would always comment "why are you kissing?"  I talked to her about how I love my husband and he is special to me.  We had some interesting conversations.  She liked when I would play primary songs on the piano so she and the girls could sing along.  I'm not saying that our family is perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a different experience for her.  I know her mother loves her and she doesn't have the ideal situation, but it was really inspiring to me and made me so grateful for the family life I had, and am having with my kids.  It did make things a bit more challenging for me, but honestly I learned a lot and was grateful for the chance to serve.  

In the evening the next week Keith and I finally got to work on our newest art project together.  We took apart a pallet and built this.  We stained in and hand painted it.  I LOVE it!  I love doing art projects with my sweet husband.  He is so creative and I think its totally awesome he does it with me.  Once of my favorite things about Keith is his artistic side.  He is so talented!

With our art project complete we were able to finally get pictures up on the big wall in the main room.  This is the wall opposite our yellow wall.  I love how it turned out!  I have an amazing house!  I'm so grateful to finally have a house and be living the dream.

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