Sunday, February 16, 2014

Finishing September

Life finally started to get back to normal.  I feel like things were fairly well unpacked.  Not a huge fan or how the "extra" room looks.  I can't decide whether to make it a school room or a play room, so it just has everything in it.  End of September is Granny's birthday.  They wanted to make it a fun big party.  It was themed "Forever 29."  They did a fifties theme since that was when she was 29.  The daughters all dressed up and everything was so cute.  I was in charge of cooking all the sliders.  They brought me all the meat patties the night before and I had everyone's George Formans.  I thought it would be perfectly fine and easy.  Well, life loves me and it turned out Keith had some shooting trip with his friends planned.  So I got stuck at home with two toddlers running around screaming, 5 George Formans going and around 100 sliders to get cooked before 1pm.  It was a bit interesting, but I must say...I DID IT!  I may have been a bit grumpy near the end, but it worked out.  Got them all cooked and packed up in the car.  The kids dressed up and we headed over the the church.  Keith wasn't there so I had to get Rue down for her nap in the other room while Ada...did something.

It was a bit crazy and frustrating to be trying to do everything by myself.  Keith didn't show up until the last hour.  He was so tired he mostly just sat there.  I should be happy that he was able to go and have a good time, but honestly I was just a little exhausted and annoyed.  Oh well, I'm proud of myself for all I was able to accomplish on my own.  Happy Birthday to Granny.  We love and appreciate her so much!

A huge blessing and thoughtful gesture took place as well.  At church they kept telling me they wanted to call me to be the piano player for Relief Society.  I don't have a piano...or even a keyboard.  My sister in law had an old keyboard they used before they bought their piano.  It had a broken key and was a little hard to play.  I had posted on Facebook that I was looking for a keyboard to borrow or buy. My Aunt Diane called me a day later and said she was coming into ownership of a grand piano from her brother.  They would no longer need their piano and none of her kids wanted it right now.  She said we could have/use it until we no longer needed it.  WHAT?!?  They were even gracious enough to help us get it here.  We drove out there and helped load it on their flatbed trailer.  Drove here and unloaded.  I think Keith and John may have messed up their backs a little in the move.  It was a beast (as all pianos are) to move.  But...I HAVE A PIANO!!!  I feel so blessed and loved that they would think of me and even be willing to pass it to me.  I am having so much fun having one I can play whenever I want.  Heavenly Father truly is mindful of us and puts people in our lives to help us.  John and Diane have been beyond good to us throughout this year.  With all the help while living at Grandma's house.  To moving in and helping fix our back doors.  Now, a piano.  They truly are most giving and gracious people.  I'm grateful for their example of love and selflessness.

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