Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Carving Pumpkinds

We usually wait until the last minute to do our pumpkins.  We decided to do it a little earlier.  We only did one.  I had great plans and ambition to try dipping it in bleach to see if it lasted until Halloween.  However, I forgot for 3 days and when I took the lid off it was a white furry mess.  Oh well, it was fun while we did it.

Sorry for the not dressed children.  I really didn't want to clean pumpkin out of clothes.  They were both very excited about it.  We cut the lid off and tried to get the kids to take it off.  They did, but were very concerned about what they saw inside.  Last year Rue LOVED the pumpkin guts.  She pulled them out and played with them.  She even tried to eat them.  She didn't really want to this year.  Both girls would get a handful of seeds out...then ask to wash their hands.

We did finally get it cleaned out and then let Ada draw the face on it with a pen.  Then Keith cut it out for us.  It was silly looking, but hey she did it.  At least we had fun doing it...even if it didn't last.

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