Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Art Experiences

The girls have loved having their craft stuff found.  We set up their art board in the kitchen/family room and they go to town.  It's a great project when the unpacking gets too overwhelming.
We are also loving having Kevin home!  Sherry and Kevin and I met up for First Friday at the Phoenix Art Museum in September.  It was a very raining night (the parking lot was actually flooded).  Keith and I luckily don't mind the water so we actually parked in the almost empty lot (because of the flooding).  We made it in and were first there.  Keith and I walked around a bit and then in the main entrance way was some Hispanic cultural thing.  They had tons of salsas and chips and a mariachi band and dancers.  We hung out with the chips and music until the others showed up.  Kevin had brought a date and it was fun to see him in the awkward date scene.

Who doesn't love ugly crazy sibling pictures!  We had so much fun being silly and sharing.  Keith and I went here on our second date.  It was were we held hands in public first.  We were walking up the stairs and he grabbed my hand...and didn't let go.  We LOVE art; it is one of the things we share together.  It was funny to see the others not really see the value of some of the art.  Kev and Troy are guys and it was hard for them to see the beauty in the art.  That's why Keith and I are a match.  We can share the art together.  Love my man!

This was SO cool!  IT was thousands of stacks of papers lined up.  It had tons of color variations.  It was truly amazing.  Oh the time it would take to put this together.  I'm glad I just get to enjoy...not make!

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