Monday, January 27, 2014

We Own a HOUSE!!!

 Friday August 9th 2013 we officially signed the paperwork to our first home.  It was a bit hairy getting to this point.  I was feeling very anxious for it to be done and our lender and the title company were dinking around getting us no where.  I kept calling (seriously, like 4 times a day) and getting on them to get things done.  Our title company was in CA, so when they finally got their act together and had things ready they sent a notary out to Grandma's house for us to sign the paperwork.  After it was done and all was settled our fabulous realtor (and friend) Marie met us at the house to hand over the keys. Sorry for the gross family picture.  We rushed over there before really getting ready.  Keith met us there from work and we went in together.

 our cute little house.

We had to have a fun lunch in our new home.  Who doesn't love fast food at a card an empty house.
I got to work right away getting things ready.. I know it's small, but I really wanted to paint the laundry room before we moved in.  Once the washer and dryer were in it would be impossible.  I got a free paint sample so this was the color I went with.  I was a tad nervous at first.  It seemed WAY to much, but the more I look at it the more I love it.  I love color.  I feel like I'm finally figuring out my "style" as I plott and paint MY OWN house.

I have longed (and that's putting it lightly) for a house of my own for as long as I can remember.  I've always wanted to actually be in charge and actually do what I/WE want to do with the house.  I've dreamed of the day and now I am here.  I have been "homeless" technically for 5 months.  My stuff has been in random locations just getting dusty.  I have lived in a little apartment and a town home. I have longed for a backyard where I could let my kids go outside.  I have longed for an eating area that we actually fit around.  To be perfectly honest though, I'm glad I had to wait 6 years for this.  Because the joy and pride and intense gratitude feels significantly more acute.  We have had our struggles but Heavenly Father has provided and watched out for us.  I LOVE my house!  Every time I pull into the driveway and I smile and feel so loved.  I love having a house!!!

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