Monday, January 27, 2014

The Waiting Game

 This really how I felt through most of July...CRAZY!!! By the way, she came to me (I did not show her how or anything) with the jewel on her forehead and said she was pretty.  I could not stop I took a picture.  She loves to dress up, and loves to do her own hair.
I taught Ada how to write her name.  We needed some constructive play while Rue was napping one day so we started doing coloring pages and practicing writing.  I think it looks pretty good.  Granted I'm bias.
We went to the zoo a few times.  Too hot to really enjoy.  We just walk around a bit in the morning and as soon as it starts getting warm we go to the splash pad.  They are pretty adventurous.  Rue is definitely more so than Ada, but no surprise there.  Ada has managed to venture into the "cave."  I know its a bit obsessive, but I always get a bit stressed when they go in the cave because I can't see them.  I love them so much I can't image if something happened.
Grandma went to Colorado to visit Amy and Gregg.  She had a wonderful time and we had fun playing in the pool with a few friends and trying not to be hot.  I baked bread one day...only to have stinker pants snitch.  She couldn't just pinch out of one of them, it had to be our of all of them.  What a cute pill.
Ada and LaRue are finally getting to where they PLAY together a bit more.  They actually love to wrestle.  Rue loves to attack her for kisses, it's pretty funny.  I love to see them interacting and learning to get along.  Granted it isn't for very long, but it's a start.

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