Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Birthday Camping

Keith really wanted to go camping for his birthday.  I'd had a headache basically since we moved in (the chaos of our stuff was too much for my ocd mind to deal with).  I had tried to just avoid deciding what to do about the moving because I couldn't handle more to think about.  Thursday 22nd Keith texted from work and asked if we were going.  He was so anxious to go.  I know that he really wanted to for his birthday.  So, I scrambled to put together camping gear and pack food.  It was crazy and a ton of work (for me), but that's what we do for someone on their birthday, right?

Keith got off work around 5 and we headed out.  We wanted to try a new camp spot at Stoneman Lake (near Flagstaff).  There was quite a bit of traffic getting out of town and then it sprinkled off and on driving.  It was almost pouring when we got close.  Luckily, it wasn't raining...yet at Stoneman Lake.  We had a hard time finding a spot.  For a Thursday night is was surprisingly busy and we couldn't find a spot.  Poor Keith was getting very discouraged.  It took us almost an hour to find a spot.  It was sprinkling and dark.  We finally found a spot and just set up.  It was after 9 so as soon as camp was set up we got the girls in bed.  We didn't stay up too late, we were very tired and just headed to bed.
I have to admit, I LOVE waking up camping.  Rue is usually first up and so she snuggled in bed with us.  Man, that kid is silly and makes me laugh.  Ada then joined us and we had a blast goofing around in bed.  We then started breakfast.  I wanted to try making a better breakfast than our usual cold cereal.  I'd made pancake mix and and cut up watermelon.  It was Delish and Keith LOVED the yummy breakfast.
Of course we then needed to explore our new surroundings.  We went walking and enjoyed the wonderful cooler weather.  When we got back Keith set up with the BB gun and shot with Ada.  It was super sweet to see him teaching her gun safety and spending time with her.  She would get so excited when the can got knocked over.

After lunch we decided to show the girls how to make smores.  The girls..LOVED them (no shocker there).  It was fun to see them get all sticky and chocolatey.  After lunch we let Ada just explore a bit on her own around the camp.  She found this little lean too thing made of sticks against a tree.  We helped her add to it and make a cool fort thing.  She played there for a while having "tea" with Shang and Mulan.  It was hilarious!  It was very sad when we had to pack up and head out.  We decided to make a stop at Montezuma's Well and extend our trip.
It was really sunny and warm up at the top, but when we got down to well it was gorgeous.  I luscious green oasis.  We had a delightful time enjoying the water.  Then we went and viewed the village on the side of the well.  So interesting and crazy.  We hiked down to the well and enjoyed the ruins.  We stopped at Sonic on the way home and got a slushy.

I have to admit, as hard as it was to put aside the unpacking and scramble to pack the camp stuff, it was worth it.  It was the first few days that I didn't have a headache.  I didn't think about my crazy boxed up life.  It was quiet and beautiful.  It was cool and all about being outside.  I LOVE being outside and this was just what we needed as a family to come together.  One of my favorite camp trips of all times.

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