Monday, January 27, 2014

Apple Sauce

We LOVE to do food storage type stuff.  Keith is also very interested in food storage and so helpful with it.  We wanted to make all kinds of things with the apples on Grandma's tree, but when we went to San Diego, we came home to an EMPTY apple tree.  We were a tad disappointed, so we found someone in Grandma's neighborhood that had a large apple tree.  Keith kindly asked if we would be allowed to pick some.  The owners said yes, and gave a standing invitation to take as many as we want in following years.  This is a picture of our loot.  We dehydrated for days and I even made applesauce by myself.  It was very fun!
LaRue found she love to smush her face on the arcadia door.  It wasn't always fun to have to clean up, but so darn cute to watch.
We had a delightful treat out at Marie Coyle's with Grandma.  We love doing fun and special things with her.  She is always so excited about it and we love the memories.  We have also done doughnuts and Cold Stone's ice cream.  It's just fun to share special family times with her.  We have so many memories with her that I will always hold dear.  She is a wonderful lady that I admire and feel so closely connected to.
When I made my apple sauce I used Grandma's method that she taught me.  I learned how to use her Gricer.  I actually saw one at the thrift store a few weeks ago.  It's cool to know such a "vintage" method.  I even learned how to open kettle cook/seal the jars.  Totally cool!  The applesauce is AWESOME! and I did it all by myself.

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