Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rowse Reunion part 1

We had our Rowse Reunion take off with a Western swing...
We were kind of celebrating Kevin's homecoming and so we threw a reunion in there with it.  When we started planning it several months ago we decided to take a western theme to it.  When I was younger we had a Rowse Reunion (my dad's side of the family).  Every family had a silly name; we were Van's Villains.  However, when the shirts were made for it someone messed up and instead of it saying "Rowse Round-UP" it said "Rowse Round-OUT."  It has been a bit of a family joke since them.  We did get the "up" right on our shirts.  We had fun names on the back too.  My family was Christian Cowboys.  Saturday July 13th was our kick off.  We had it at mom and dad's church building.  We met there in the morning and Teresa and Andrea had planned some awesome western games.  Of course basketball slipped in there too (We were always playing basketball together growing up).  
Ada was hilarious to watch with a hula hoop.  She'd shake her little booty and try so hard to keep the thing going.  It was pretty cute!

On of the games we were in two row (like a draw), with our backs to our opponents.  Someone would call out "1, 2, 3.." and we would flip around and "fire" at someone.  If we were firing at each other we were out, but if you fired at someone who was firing at another we were safe.  It was quite entertaining.  We also did relay races riding stick horses (AWESOME).  There was a pin the tail on the pony and lasso the stuffed horse.  It was fun.  We had a fabulous lunch together and then some quiet play time while little ones napped. 

During the nap time Keith and I set up for the pictures.  We wanted to do pictures outside, but it's just to darn hot in July.  We set up the foyer as best we could.  When little ones woke  up I called my old roommate Michelle to come and snap the pictures for us.  It was awesome.  We just wanted some silly pictures to remember this gathering by.  Once pictures were done we again just played around and chatted. 
The evening plan was to take all the kids back to my parent's house where they would eat pizza and watch a movie while the adults ordered dinner from Olive Garden and ate together as adults at the church.  Some big kid time!  I'm glad we did so and could just share without the distraction of kids.  The next day was Kevin's homecoming talk.  Too far to get back over to Mesa by their 9 o'clock time so we planned to stay at Teresa and Tyler's house (where Phillip and Julie were already staying).  After the adult dinner we gathered kids and headed to Service's house.  Bathed kids and put them down.  Rue struggled a bit going to sleep, but did finally go to bed.  The rest of us hung out downstairs and watched Wreck it Ralph.  Kev and Hatchs joined us.  We were all VERY tired, so I don't remember much of the movie, but still fun to be together and not miss out.  Everything about this kick off day seemed to go smoothly and it was totally fun and successful.

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