Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fourth of July Escape

We wanted to go camping for the 4th but were feeling a bit overwhelmed with the house whirlwind that was going on.  I was feeling very stressed and not really in the mood since our 10 day period was limiting.  Andrew had been over for the family home evening and talked about camping with Uncle John at Christopher Creek.  We decided to call John and see what their plans were.  He invited us to join in on their camping fun.  They were camping IN the Christopher Creek camp ground.  We hate camp ground camping, but decided it was better than nothing.  I've never gone camping for the 4th.  I wasn't sure I wanted to be gone, no family BBQ or fireworks.  Keith got off work at 5:30 and we headed out around 6 or 6:30pm.  We were a tad worried since we had never been to the campground and we would be trying to find it in the dark.  It all worked out and we did find the campground.  It was dark so Andrew's kids watched after our kids and Andrew, John and Kara (and her boyfriend) helped us set up the tent.  It was already late, but we let the kids play.  They stayed up till after 9 playing with Andrew's girls.

I always struggle with sleeping during camp trips.  Often now I take melatonin of Tylenol PM.  I've found it helps me not wake up restless and with a headache.  Now I love waking up to my kids in our tent.  Rue was up first and just snuggled with us for a while.  She is so silly and quirky!
Ada joined us and we had a delightful, playful morning.  We had oatmeal and cantaloupe for breakfast.  Everyone brought their own food, but we kind of shared.  Then we packed up for our hike.  They had planned to hike to Christopher Creek and do some swimming and jumping.  In college I would have been all over jumping, but I can't anymore.  I have two girls that depend on me.  I can't get myself to do anything "dangerous" or adventuresome.  Keith really wanted to go though so I consented.  Not that I was thrilled about him going off and leaving me, but whatever.  The rest of us (Glory and her kids) were just going to go along the trail as far as they could then turn back.  I decided I would do that with my girls.  We've taken Ada hiking before, but not really HIKING.  Just on well manicured trails.  I'd like to do more, but it's been too hot.  She was such a trooper (at least going in).  She kept saying "look at me, I'm such a good hiker."  Too cute!  I'm really proud of her.  It was pretty tricky and she is such a scaredy-cat I'm shocked she did what she did. 
(this was on the hike back. Ada was a little more grumpy at this point)  Sadly, because of the difficulty of the trail and not having a carrier for Rue I was a tad overwhelmed.  Keith (though very disappointed) got stuck with me and the girls.  We hiked back quite a while then stopped and played in the water.  Too cold to get far in for me or the girls, but we had a blast rock hoping and wadding in the water.  We ate our little lunch we had brought and headed back.  The trek back was more tiresome and Ada did get whinny, but she had done so much.  I'm still very proud of her.

We stopped one other place and played in the water catching crawdads and teaching Ada to rock hop.
We did make it back to camp and daddy and Rue took a nap.  Ada LOVED playing with Megan and Sophie (Andrew's daughters).  The rest of the afternoon we just sat around and chatted.  It was nice to get to know John and Andrew a little better.  We had to be out of the camp site by 4pm.  So we just shoved stuff in the car.  We were planning to go to our usually spot up on the Rim and camp another night. 

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