Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fourth of July Camping pt 2

We left John and Andrew's group (they headed home) and went north to the top of the Rim.  We camp at this same location least once a year.  We made it up there late afternoon/evening.  Set up camp and had dinner.  I had bought these GIANT marshmallows to try.  Not that we are big marshmallow people, but because they were huge and I thought it was funny.  Rue couldn't even fist the whole thing.  It was a delightful evening and we LOVED just being together.  I like my little family and like when we spend time together.  We went for a walk and just looked around.  Ada decided we were in the middle of no where and it was acceptable to sing AS LOUD as she could.  It was pretty funny!  She is notorious for making up and singing songs all the time.  We didn't ask her to lower it, because this was a place where she could.  It was quite entertaining.  Rue usually joins in when Ada sings and that makes it even more fun.

It was cooler here, but we made it through the night just fine.  Sadly it was a no burn season so that put a damper on things.  However, we still enjoyed it and made our food on the camp stove.  It the morning we packed things up and then again just went walking and exploring.  I LOVE this part of camping.  I truly do adore being outside.  As a kid I liked to just sit outside and watch trees or stare off at anything.  Just to be outside.  Now, I still find myself wanted to just be outside with my kids and watch them play.  This is partly why I've always wanted to return to Flagstaff.  We did so much outside.  I HATE summer in Phoenix because it is too unbearably hot to go outside.  Here, on our camp trips I just soak it up.
The weather was especially gorgeous.  Cloudy and threatening rain.  So gorgeous!
We may be a bit disheveled, but we are happy.  Happy to be together in God's glorious creations.

We left before lunch and stopped off in Payson to get lunch.  The girls think it is so fun when we go out to eat.  If we ever do it, it is referred to as "Special Lunch/Dinner."  We made it home in the early enough to get cleaned up and still enjoy a bit of time with Grandma before bed. 
I will admit I was hesitant to go on this camp trip with everything going on with the house, but it proved to be the best decision.  We came back rested and calm.  I felt way less stressed and able to handle the next few days.  It was the most unique 4th of July I've had, but one of my favorite.  I just might want to do this again.

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