Sunday, September 29, 2013


The last week of June I was feeling VERY discouraged about house hunting.  We'd put an offer on this really cute, big 1985 (my birth year) house.  I love it (a few things annoying, but overall Loved it).  I guess so many people put offers on it they decided to raise the price, which bumped us out.  I was so frustrated and just didn't want to look.  We'd seen more than 30 homes and was just sick of it.  Keith called from work and said there was one he wanted to go look at.  I have to admit I was grumpy and just didn't want to.  Kids had been very difficult and I just didn't want to be disappointed again.  Keith got home and we headed straight out.  We met our realtor, Marie, there.  We walked through it and I was so surprised.  There were lots of things I liked.  I was in love with the block out light shade things in the bedrooms (black out fabric on pully thing).  I loved the big front room with the little step down.  I loved the two bathroom sinks.  I loved that it had a garage.  It had all our main big "must have" items.  It had a few things I didn't like; the bathrooms dated, master shower, tile not wood floor, not two definite hosting rooms (family room and living room), no landscaping at all in the back, wood fence between properties, one west facing window.  We stood there in the kitchen chatting a minute and I just felt like "yeah, I could do this one."  I could see it working.  I was excited and calm.  As we drove away I told Keith, I think I want that one.  It was out of OUR set limits.  We set our limits low because we wanted to not be stretching to make ends meet.  The next morning I called our Mortgage guy to get an estimate on what the monthly bill could be.  It fit in our budget, but tight.  We called Marie and said we wanted to put a bid in for  6 thousand less.  The house was owned by Fanny Mae (basically bank owned, but not a foreclosure).  We put the offer in and the next day they countered.  They wanted to meet in the middle.  It would work in our budget.  We wouldn't have TONS of room like we wanted, but we would be fine.  We accepted the offer and our 10 days started on the 3rd of July.  It was a bit of a rip off because of the holiday weekend (4th of July).  We lost 3 days of our 10 days to the holiday and had 2 days lost to weekend.  Lame.  It was a bit stressful getting everything in place.  The inspector was scheduled for Tuesday of the following week.  Thursday was the end of our 10 days.

 We had my parents, Keith's parents, Uncle John (carpenter, so he knows alot about structure and other such things), and grandma came and looked at it on Saturday.  They seemed to like it.  My mom was just so excited and kept saying how happy she was we were finally getting our own place.  That we had been so patient and now it was finally our turn.  It made me happy to hear that.  Keith's parents seemed a bit concerned and mentioned a few things there were worried about.  I'm glad they were realistic and helping us look for things to be careful with.  Their main concern was the intake for the AC unit.  John really liked it and offered valuable advice about the awful Arcadia doors and a broken drawer in the kitchen. 

The inspector came on Tuesday.  I took the kids to my sister in laws house which was half a mile directly north of this house.  I met Marie over there and hung out while the guy inspected.  I guess we didn't need to be there the whole time, but I liked being able to be there and walk through it as much as I wanted.  My family is plagued with buyers remorse (severe) and not being able to make decisions.  Not a good combination.  Every time we left the house I worried that it was a mistake and what if there was something better just around the river bend.  But, when I was in the house it felt good.  I was happy and I loved it.  I was already starting to imagine what I could do to decorate.  In fact it was starting to keep me up at night thinking about where I would put things.  So, it was nice to spend so good amount of time there while the inspector was there.  He then went through things with us and walked us around.  The house was built in 1983 (Keith's birth year).  It has a few issues, but nothing crazy awful.  It wasn't going to need huge repairs.  Our biggest concern was the Arcadia doors that didn't open very well because they were put in backwards and inside out.  Weird!  We felt good about continuing on.  We were told that the intake for the AC did seem to be small.  We called and had a free estimate/review of the ac from this ac company.  It was too small and he gave us an estimate to fix it.  We started shopping Home Depot and Lowes to find out about replacing the back doors.  Our ten days came and we decided to stick in.  We were going to buy this house.

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