Saturday, September 21, 2013

Family Vacation to California part 1

Keith's work was sending him to California for a training.  It was suppose to be on Friday June 21st for part of the day.  We decided to make a trip out of it for the family.  We had everything packed up and ready to go when Keith got off work Thursday (20th) evening.  As soon as he was home we piled in and headed out.  I had the girls in their pjs because we knew we would get there late.  I was very nervous because thus far we have never had a good car experience.  My kids really don't like being in the car, even around town.  I wasn't surprised when Rue started in, but I was surprised how long it lasted.  She cried for pretty much the first three hours straight.  I'm not a rotten mom, I tried everything to get her to stop.  Everything short of taking her out of her seat, which is what she wanted.  We did have two pit stops.  I'd get out with the girls and run laps in the store or parking lot to get out energy (R2D2 was in one of the gas stations).  Ada on the other want was a dream!!  So good!  She played with her toys she even asked to play with the sand pails I'd bought.  She probably played with those for over an hour.  We had a system where I had new toys I could hand back when they were ready or bored with the others.  Every hour if they didn't cry (obviously we didn't really stick with this for Rue, because she never stopped crying and didn't understand) then they got to share a fruit snack.  I'd taken Ada to the store and let her pick out which fruit snacks she wanted.  It worked fabulously.  Every hour I asked Ada if she had been good and talked about how we appreciated her being good and not fussing.  She was wonderful to share her precious fruit snack with her crying sister.  FANTASTIC! 6 fruit snacks bribed my kids to be good for 6 hours of driving.  Amazing, and cheap!  With our wonderful printed directions Keith had and Siri we didn't get lost ONCE!  Which, if you've driven in California, is AWESOME!  We got there around 10:30/11.  The girls were very excited about the hotel, but did finally go to bed

 We had so much fun the next morning taking the girls to the complimentary breakfast.  They totally LOVED the whole hotel experience.  We'd never taken them to a hotel and it was exciting to run around the room and see all the new stuff.  The breakfast was so much fun and new.  They has fun just running around the hallways and being somewhere new.  It was very cute to watch them explore.  Keith's meeting was right across the street so we had the car.  It is much nicer weather there so I called down to the front desk and asked where the closest park was.  They printed of addresses for me, I stuck it in my phone (Siri) and we found our way to a park 5-10 minutes away and didn't even get lost.  The kids were thrilled to be outside.  I don't like the heat so I don't venture out much during the summer.  It was WONDERFUL to just bask in the sunlight and enjoy the cool breeze.  The kids played and Ada even made friends with a few little girls.  One little girl left shortly after we got there so we had a little picnic with the other little girl and her mom.  She advised me on which beaches she like and where to park.  We had a wonderful random stranger visit and then headed back to the hotel.

 The park had some awesome trees and the girls had fun playing on them.  Ada even learned to climb up by herself.  It was pretty funny since she is so tenacious.  It was just a glorious morning outside with my ladies.  We then headed back to the hotel to put Rue down for a nap.

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