Saturday, September 21, 2013

Early June Half Updates

 Things are going well.  We are full swing in house hunting now.  We have been looking since the middle of May and have not found much we like.  I feel like I'm being picky, but if we are going to spend this much money I want to actually like the house.  Keith keeps saying he can deal with anything I'm the one who's picky.  It's true I guess.  I'm the one who is always home.  I'm the one who has to make it work with our kids and with our stuff.  I'm the one who's going to clean it.  So, yes...I'm going to be a bit picky.  We are working with a lady in our ward, Marie.  She has been so helpful and supportive.  I've really enjoyed working with her and seeing properties with her.  We saw one house that we really liked the first night, but it was a little small and was part of a special government program that would have forced us to get an FHA loan instead of the conventional loan we were planning.  It went under contract the night we went and saw it.  We compare properties to that one right now because nothing has come close to it.  We found a dead rattlesnake on the driveway of one house.  Multiple houses backing up to main roads.  Awful kitchens and bathrooms!  I really want a garage, but having a hard time finding houses that have them.  Our area is on the older side and lots of houses need lots of repairs.  Some days I feel very discouraged, but we keep looking.

Grandma went to Utah the 5th of June for a week.  There were a few reunions she was attending and visiting her family up there.  She had a wonderful time and I'm so glad she enjoyed it.  Ada was getting a bit feisty with her (super frustrating to me, can I just tell you).  I think she was jealous of the attention I would give her.  We spent some great time together playing and had a few play dates that week.  It seemed to mend our relationship and I have to admit I feel she is finally changing.  After she turned three I honestly thought I was going to lose my mind.  She had more bad days by FAR than good days and I was feel VERY discouraged.  EVERY thing was a fight and tantrum.  June came and suddenly we were magically having more good days.  Grandma came back and they were buddies.  They watched movies together or played puzzles.  It was such a blessing to have her finally calm down.  So basically, 3 to 3 and a half is a nightmare.  Glad to be out of that zone and dreading Rue getting there. 

 I had my friend, Shamade, come while Grandma was out of town and dye my hair.  It's really silly I know, but I get bored with life as mom, wife, servant to the family and feel I need to "rebel" in some way.  We put dark brown pick-a-boos in my hair.  It's kind of crazy and Keith calls it my "tiger hair." 
I'm finally starting to make a few friends in the ward.  I even had one mom, Michelle, come over with her kids.  It was a funny story.  I saw her at the library and she seem frustrated with her 3 year old.  We chatted a bit and all she expressed was how I'd felt with Ada for the past several months.  I shared how Ada seemed to finally have grown out of that stage and there was hope for her.  It was a bonding moment (-= and a friendship began.  We've really enjoyed getting to know her and her two kids.

 Rue has continued to become in sane!!!  She walks, runs, jabbers and now throws tantrums.  She is crazy and still climbing on everything.  She loves to play in the pool, however she loves playing "in and out" of the pool.  Out in, out in.  Drives me crazy.  Church is getting harder with her.  We are so close to nursery.  Keith's parents have been taking her to their Sacrament meeting (we meet in the same building just 2 hours difference).  Keith loves being able to go to Priesthood.  I'm still in Sunbeams, so I'm not a part of that.
 We go to the library for story time every Tuesday at 11:30.  I even signed the girls up for the summer reading program.  They even let Rue take part.  We read books everyday so they quickly whipped through it.  I think I like the reading program they had when I was younger better.  It was a game board and every book we could mark off on the chart and they had prizes/coupons to go places (candy shops, pizza, etc...).  Now it was all online game board and just a bucket of cheap toys to pick three times.  Then the end was a kid's meal from Chipotle.  I'm not totally complaining, the kids loved it and we still enjoyed the reading.  Just not as fun as I remembered it for me.
Rue is definitely getting closer to the horrible, terrible 2s and I'm dreading it.  I miss my sweet baby.  While Grandma was in Utah I decided to take away Rue's binkie.  I knew she would be more fussy and didn't want Grandma to have to deal with it.  She was was fussy a few days, but did WAY better than Ada in loosing it.  I'm glad to be done with it for the most part.  It's nice to not have to keep track of them, but boy do I miss it at church.  Oh well, glad to be done.  No more baby...I now have TWO toddlers.
Rue has started helping with the dishes and talking a bit.  I love it!

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