Tuesday, September 24, 2013

California Trip part 3

We woke up on Saturday and took our time gather things up.  Cleaning up so we wouldn't have to come back to the hotel.  We got all checked out and headed back to Laguna.  Wow, traffic and super busy beach!!!  We parked in the same location and walked in.  We found ourselves a little spot and set up.  Rue was of course more interested in chatting it up and making friends with random strangers than she was of the water.  There were even dogs there and boy was that a treat for Rue. 

We started first off making an awesome sand castle.  Keith and Ada buried their legs.  I made a crazy face in the sand.  Rue just wandered around or filled the bucket with sand.  We took the girls out the water a few times and they did warm up to it.  Ada liked to jump over the waves.  Which is what I LOVED as a kid too.  I have never been one to get super far in because I can't see in the water what is touching me and it freaks me out.  Plus, kind of afraid or riff currants.  We had so much fun, seriously, BEST beach experience for me since I was very young.  It was a little overcast so not blaring sun giving me a headache. 

Our special "beach snack" was honeycomb cereal.  The girls thought it was so exciting and yummy!  I love having little surprises that make them so happy.
We stayed till maybe 1 or 2 then decided to head home.  They had little "showers" to rinse off with.  We rinsed as best we could and piled in the car.  Traffic was HORRIBLE!  Truly, so disgusted that it took us and hour to just get to the freeway.  Who knew Saturday traffic at 2 was so terrible.  I would hate to drive in that in a regular basis.  We stopped at Panda Express for dinner/lunch.  Rue crashed before we even got all buckled and going.  Sadly she only slept for an hour of so.  She did cry again, but not nearly as much.  Ada too fell asleep for a bit.  Both stilled played along with the fruit snack behavior plan.  We did finally let them watch Tangled the last bit of the drive (I was feeling to motion sick to keep turning around).  I have such mixed feeling about the car dvd player.  (We borrowed one from my sister)  I don't want to just stick in a movie and have no interaction with the kids during the drive.  I want them to learn to entertain themselves or bee able to create things to do.  If I still a movie in all creative juices cease.  We never had them growing up and we made tons of long trips in the car.  I just don't want me kids to depend on them or expect to have such luxury.  I want it to be special and a reward (like fruit snacks).  I don't know, sometimes I think I'm being silly and setting myself up for frustration.  Catch 22 right?  I didn't feel bad using it at the end.  I didn't feel well enough to interact anyway.  Ada did have her first pee on the side of the road too.  That was fun.  Good thing she is well practiced on the squatting pee from camping.  We made it home safe and sound and early enough to get things unpacked, kids quickly bathed and straight to bed.  Grandma was so excited to have us back and the girls were so excited to share what had happened.  It was fun to come home to her and be able to share how things had gone.  Overall a truly wonderful trip and so many memories for me and my little family.

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