Saturday, September 21, 2013

California Trip part 2

We got back from the park and put Rue down for a nap.  To keep Ada quiet so she could sleep we watched Tangled.  Keith finally finished up soon after LaRue woke up.  He got home and we prepped to go to the beach for a bit.  The last time we went to the beach was when I was pregnant with Rue and Ada hated it.  She refused to touch the water and even didn't really enjoy the sand.  I was worried how she would do this time.  We went to Laguna (the beach recommended by our park friend).
 To our surprise and delight Ada was much happier. She was very excited to see the water and ran out with Rue to get it (I think expecting it to be like the pool).  A wave came in and WHOOSH, both girls were knocked down and anything but pleased.  Ada didn't really want to get back in after that.  She was however content to bust out our sand pails and play in the sand.  We built an awesome little castle and mote.  It filled with water and we had a delightful time playing with it.  I tend to struggle at the beach because I don't like feeling sticky or dirty.  I was able to control my ocd and loved it!  I loved playing the sand with my girls.  I LOVED that I could see without glasses!  Rue wasn't as much a fan of the water, but she was content to sit on the sand and put sand in a bucket.  We had SO much fun!  It was totally wonderful to just play together and be a family.  I loved not thinking about houses, not cleaning, not cooking, not having anything pulling at me to do.  I just played with my kids in the sand.  We left later than planned and were rather hungry.  We got back to the hotel and I washed the girls while Keith ran to Jack in the Box to get some food.  We ate, got kids down then headed to our room.  We laid down to chat and watch a little tv together, but just fell asleep.  Keith woke up later and turned everything off.  We were all pretty exhausted.  I don't even remember drifting off.

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