Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Argentine Homecoming!!!


It seems so strange to me that it has already been 2 years.  I'm so excited to finally have him back!  He flew in to Sky Harbor airport around 5:15pm.  There was another family welcoming home their missionary too.  It was fun to see both families anxious waiting and watching.  Our's came first.  Andy and Tyler had a bet/race on to see who could get the first picture and upload it to Facebook before the other.  Tyler one.  I tried to video tap it, but had Rue in my hands and kept hitting the stop and start.  I missed parts of it and it's choppy.  Oh well.  He looks so much like Phillip to me and his hair seems SO much darker than I remembered.  Guess it's just been a while.  His English was great.  I remember when we picked up David he couldn't speak English.  He kept talking to dad and having him translate.  Kevin said he'd been on the plane over 10 hours sitting by Americans talking English and it helped bring it back. Sorry for the blurriness of the pictures.  There was lots of excitement and movement going on.  I didn't take all them either so...yeah.

 We all made banners for him.

 It was his first time meeting LaRue, Logan and Savanna.  Rue is in this stage where she love to hug and they are amazing hugs.  She wraps you up and even pats your back.  I LOVE it, love it!  It makes me feel better every time and I can ask her any time to give me and hug and she goes.  What a sweet tender girl.  She gave Kevin a hug and it was so precious!  Will never forget that sweet hug. 

Sherry had asked him what food he wanted to eat as his first back home meal.  He wanted Mexican food.  I thought that was weird.  I guess I never really thought about it, but the food is very different.  It isn't spicy or anything.  They eat mostly meat and veggies there.  We planned to all go back to Andrea's house after the airport and have a potluck Mexican dinner.  We all brought food and shared.  Kevin shared some stories and we just had so much fun talking.  I LOVE me family.  After meals we just sit and the table for hour(s) after chatting.  I love that we are all friends and enjoy being together.  I hated to leave, but we had a long drive home.  Keith had picked up grandma after work and brought her out.  Glad she could be part with us.  We had to leave first since we had the longest drive home.  I hated to go, but knew we would be together again soon enough.  I love my Rowse family.  Sometimes it makes me sad it isn't still my name.  I'm proud of my heritage and grateful for a family that loves and supports one another.  I love that my siblings are close and we enjoy chatting.  We are all different and have different spouses, but when we get together...we are united!  I'm so grateful for my wonderful family and brothers who have served missions.  Thank you for the example for my kids!

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