Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ant Attack!!!

We planted a garden this spring/summer at grandma's house.  We planted tomatoes, zucchini, and squash. (picture of Ada with squash is actually from early May when our plants were really producing)  Near the end of the summer they really struggled and I was trying to keep up on watering them and checking on them.  During the hotest parts of the summer we didn't go out.  It had rained a little in July so when it wasn't horrible I would go out and weed and such.  One morning I went out with the girls and was busy watering while they played.  Suddenly I hear Rue screaming and run over.  He foot was BLACK with ants.  I grabbed her and ran back to my hose and washed her foot down.  Some fell on me and bit, it was awful.
 I wasn't sure right away how many bites she had.  I tried to keep it in water for a while and once she settled down started looking online for home remedies and posted on Facebook if anyone had suggestions.  It was very red and swollen.  One online thing said to make a paste of Baking Soda and water and put on it.  Sadly I only did that once the first day.  The next day, it was awful!  I felt so bad.  It was actually a purplish color and swollen.  It totally freaked me out at first.  She had woken up during the night and I wasn't sure why until the morning when I saw her foot.  Frantically I tried the baking soda again and a few other options I'd read.  I called my friend who is a Physicians Assistant.  She said to try Benodryl.  On Facebook everyone had said to try Lavender oil.  I didn't have any lavender oil and one friend said she'd send me a sample.  What to do about her purple foot until then?
I kept trying the baking soda paste and called my mom.  She wasn't sure what to do.  It wasn't until the next day I was talking to grandma and a friend about her foot and how everyone said lavender oil.  Grandma said she had some.  LAME! Why I didn't think to ask my wonderful grandma I don't know.  She got it for me and we started using it.  The purple and swelling subsided after a day or so.  The bits were there probably about a week.  The pictures don't do it justice.  It was awful.  Her foot was a little purple sausage.  Rue was so cranky those first few days.  Poor girl.  She was a trooper though and patiently let me put the lavender oil on it.  It did really seem to help them subside.  I wish I'd had it the first few days though.  Oh well, now I know. 
Grandma was very concerned about the ants and had my cousin (owns a pest control business) come out and spray.  Andrew (cousin) and his family came out for FHE.  They sprayed the ants and then came in and shared with us.  They have 5 kids at home and one on a mission.  Their youngest is in Kindergarten, but she and Ada (and one of the other daughters) hit it off.  They were buddies and played so well together.  They were so nice to include her even though she is so much younger.  While they were there they talked about their 4th of July plans to go camping with John (my uncle).  We had talked about camping too.  It was fun to spend time with them.  Sad that it was due to Rue's ant attack, but good came of it. 

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