Thursday, September 19, 2013

Anniversary Number 6

 Our Actually anniversary was on a Sunday, so we decided to celebrate on Saturday.  Keith's parents kindly took the girls for us.  We went out to Scottsdale for Indian food.  It was right by the Art's center out there.  We went early, but apparently too early.  The restaurant wasn't open yet.  To kill time we went over to the museum's gift shop.  We actually had fun looking around and laughing together.  (The top two pictures were a few items that made us laugh).  I had to explain the Chopin Bored (there are very few things that I actually catch on before Keith).  We were the first ones in the restaurant and that made it nice and calm and quiet.  We enjoyed our delish meal of course.  I got Mali Cofta as usual.  We always get that and then something fun new to try.  That's one thing I LOVE about our relationship. We both LoVE to try new foods.  We get new items and then share.  I know it sounds silly, but I love having a food buddy!  Keith got us matching shirts for our day.  They are American Flag shirts with all different smiley faces.  Call us cheesy, but we actually have several matching t-shirts.  I'm still in my two weeks of no make up aloud after LASIK so I don't really like me in any of the pictures, but oh well...still totally worth it! 
 For something new to do we went bowling.  We got a GROUPON for very cheap and had never done this together.  The deal was two hours of unlimited games with free shoes.  We bowled several games.  We even started switching it up and did a game wrong handed (SO WEIRD feeling) and then speed bowling (where we were just rolling the balls down as fast as the aisle would let us).  It really was SO fun.  By the end our arms were quite tired and sore, but worth it.  Above is our top scores each.  I was "B" for Butter (a nickname from college) and Keith was "R" for redringgers.  I love doing things with Keith.  I love that he loves trying new things and having adventures together.  After bowling we picked up the kids and headed home.  It really was so much fun!  Keith is my best friend.  We may not always agree, and have our ups and downs, but at the end of it...I love him!  More now than when we dated.  Sometimes I find myself remember the excitement of dating and how different our relationship was then.  I miss the newness and excitement, but I love how much closer we are now.  I love that Keith is artistic and does crafts with me.  I always ask his opinion (or just have him fix) my crafts.  He loves art.  He loves camping.  I love that education is so important to him and how hard he has worked for his.  I love his testimony and strength in the gospel.  I love that he can lead our family as a worthy priesthood holder.  I love that we get to spend our time together. 
I'm just lucky and in love with my handsome Keith!

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