Sunday, September 29, 2013

10 Year Reunion

What?!? I graduated high school 10 years ago?  June was suppose to be my high school reunion.  I attended Apollo High School on Northern and 47th Ave.  I graduated in 2003.  The reunion was suppose to be in some hotel and cost over $50 a person.  We are trying to buy and house and honestly, anyone that I truly wanted to keep in contact with from high school I do (either by Facebook or in person).  I didn't want to pay the money.  My friend Samantha Betenbough felt the same way.  I've known her since I was 5.  We grew up together.  I remember sleep overs and her mom picking me up from elementary school (when I went to public school).  She was coming from San Diego and felt it was too bad it was expensive so that many of us wouldn't be attending.  She decided to throw a pre-reunion party at her parent's house.  They have since moved WAY west, but it was very sweet of her to plan.  We all brought some snacks to share, but she provided and did so much of the work.  It was wonderful.  I drove out there with Brittany...funny how we were inseparable in high school and now 10 years later it's the same thing.  True love!  It was a fun evening and we even brought our girls.  We reconnected with a few friends that I'd forgotten and it was really fun to hear about their lives.
Samantha had taken so much time to plan and carry out the party, but we didn't really get to spend time with her that night.  We set up a time to get together that week and walk around the mall (kid play zone for the kids for a while).  It was nice to chat and catch up.  She is so wonderful and so patient with our crazy girls (all squished in the stroller being silly).  I've known these beautiful ladies for as long as I can really remember.  They have always been a part of my life and I hope it will continue that way.

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