Monday, July 22, 2013

Random Middle May

 Keith really wanted to go to the Father and Sons camp trip with our ward.  I know he loves camping...but is STINKS getting left out.  I'd like a break, a trip away... Not about me.  I wanted him to go.  We just see him so little it's hard to give up my Friday and Saturday too.  Well, he was up and down about it and finally Friday morning decided he really wanted to go.  I was sad, so he said he'd take Ada.  He'd never taken just Ada camping.  I'd been nervous about it when she was really little.  Not because he isn't a fabulous father, just because she was so little and had to be watched closely so she didn't jump in the fire.  Ada is 3 1/2 and has been a tad moody.  The thought of a day break and a chance for her to bond with her daddy pacified me.  I spent all morning packing them food, supplies and clothes.  They took off as soon as Keith got off (half day Fridays).  They had a FABULOUS time and Ada couldn't stop talking about how fun it was to be with just her daddy.  I'm so pleased!  Even on Sunday in the ward several men came up and commented on how fun it was to have her there.  We don't have a boy...Ada was wonderful to fill in.  What a wonderful memory for them to share!

May 23rd was my Grandpa's birthday.  It was a hard day for us all, but beautiful at the same time.  My mom came out as well as my cousin Deirdre and her kids.  We took Grandma out to the cemetery to see "Papa" (as my kids call him).  We had chairs, snacks and umbrellas.  We chatted and put out flowers.  It was wonderful!  We came home and all the kids went swimming.  Deirdre had a little girl she was watching with a two piece suit.  We have been teaching Ada about modesty and so she was very blunt in telling the little girl she was no modest.  It was a tad embarrassing, but at least she was standing up for what we have taught her right.  After swimming everyone left.  We rested here and then later John and Diane and their kids came over to swim and play.  We had pizza together for dinner and had a great evening.  We wanted to make this day special in memory of Grandpa, but also to support Grandma.  We love them and are grateful for their lives and support.

With all this growing closer to my Broderick grandparents it made me want to reconnect with my Rowse roots too.  My Gramp passed away when I was 4 and Nana passed away when I was 12.  I have limited memories of them, but I treasure the few memories I do have.  Growing up every Memorial day we would go to visit Gramps grave, share memories and wash it off.  The cemetery always gave out cold sodas to people who came on Memorial day.  If you know anything about my family, soda was basically non existent. This was a huge treat.  I remember even one time a sweet little old lady paid each of a nickle or dime to wash her husband's headstone.  I haven't been there since I was in junior high.  However, I remember right where it was.  We had brought some yellow flowers to put there and washed it off.  I know it was strange for Keith and the kids, but it really meant a lot to me.  I miss these grandparents and I wish I could remember more about them.

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