Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mother's Day...a disaster of a day

 Ada has been having some adjustment issues.  Don't know if it's just because she is 3 1/2 or because the chaotic life we have been living.  We don't have our regular stuff, living in limbo and adjusting to a new life.  However, she is 3 and that is proving to be quite a challenge.  She fights me pretty much on a regular basis. It's a daily power struggle.  Luckily the weather was fairly decent so we spend a great majority of the morning and late afternoon outside.  I pull weeds and garden while the kids play.  Ada is obsessed oddly enough with holding worms when I find them (hence the picture).  The outside times gives us a little space apart.  Ada I think is struggling with sharing my attention with Grandma.  She acts up and gets very naughty when grandma and I chat.  Trying to work on how to deal with that.

So with that lead in to what life has been is mother's day.  I was very excited about it.  I have actually been talking to Keith about getting LASIK and really hoping I can persuade him so we agreed on no mother's day gifts.  Sad, but worth it if I can convince him.  Back to the "day".  It was a MASSIVE fight getting Ada ready for church.  She screamed at us about surprised she didn't scream at me for just existing.  On that happy note we headed to church.  Today Keith's sister Melissa was blessing her baby, but I really wanted to still go to our Sacrament meeting so Ada could sing to me (first time now she is in Primary).  Go figure, as soon as they asked the kids to come up and sing she got all snotty and grumpy and refused to go up.  Awesome!  After our Sacrament meeting we hurried over to the baby blessing.  Rue wouldn't stop screaming during their meeting so I spent most of that in the hallway with her in timeout.  We had a lunch afterwards in the Ramada behind the church.  Girls continues screaming and hitting me.  They fought me all through lunch (which if you know my kids...what the heck?)  I'm a looser and couldn't take it.  I totally broke down and just started crying.  Keith's mom saw (so embarrassed that I'm a wimp and broke down) and so sweetly offered to take the kids so I could at least go home and take a nap.  Emotionally broken I agreed and felt pathetic that I can't even stand my kids on Mother's day. 
We took a nap and got things ready to go out to my family's house for dinner.  We picked the kids up on our way out.  We took grandma with us and it turned out a wonderful dinner.  Kids luckily had cousins and just went off and played.  They did manage to scream most of the way home.  Great day right?  I do love being a mom....right?
(I do love being a mom..don't get me wrong.  There are just some days that are so discouraging and frustrating...why did mother's day have to be one of the worst?)

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