Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I had been putting the bug in Keith's ear for a while..hopeful that maybe we could figure out a way to make it work.  He agreed to going to the free consultation with Nationwide Vision.  That's where Keith got his done as well as two brothers in law.  Keith's experience was less than ideal, but they have changed nurses and doctors since then.  I had my free consultation on May 10th.  Keith came with me and they did all the tests.  Apparently I was a perfect candidate with very thick cornea.  They said my eyes were very healthy and I could choose any procedure they offer (I wasn't limited to only one kind of LASIK).  We sat down with the consultant to talk figures.  Keith and I talked before going in and if they did it for under a certain number than we would agree.  The consultant went through the normal prices and my heart sank.  They weren't anywhere near our number.  So we started discussing Keith's situation and how we had wanted to wait until there was a Groupon.  He met us.  He offered $100 less than our number.  So, we said yes!  HOLY COW!!  He said if I'd been over 30 they could do it the next day, but I'm not.  The next weekend was the Father's and Sons (mentioned before when Ada went with him).  So, the next available time was May 24th.  We set the time for 1:00pm.  They had dilated my eyes so I had a massive migraine for the next few days, but otherwise I was riding high so excited.  However, as days started passing I started getting very nervous.  So many ifs.  I've heard so many people say they would NEVER do LASIK.  However, they usually don't wear glasses or haven't had them for long.  I've been in glasses since I was 9.  I remember as a teen reading the scriptures about Christ healing the blind and wishing I could have been there.  I dreamed about the day when my eyes would be made perfect.  LASIK is scary, but so is the thought of not being able to rely on my eyes.
The day before the surgery they called and asked if they could move up the time to 12pm.  YEP!  So fun!  Two days before I started doing the heating packs on my eyes twice a day.  I had antibiotic and steroid drops I started the day before as well.  The day of the surgery I wasn't suppose to look at any screens and just relax.  Easy with little kids right?  I dropped the kids off at my in laws and Keith picked me up there.  We went out and got lunch at a sandwich place by the Biltmore.  We got there and I scarfed my sandwich.  We sat there maybe10 minutes and they took me back.  With Keith we sat there for almost an hour before they took him back.  Keith came with me and they had me do a few tests and then started the numbing drops.  Holy cow, I had NO idea how many numbing drops it would be.  That is what took the longest.  It took longer putting all the drops in than doing the procedure.  Keith told me it was horrible.  They gave me a Valium (required) so I'd stay calm.  I actually wasn't nervous.  They had oldies playing the opp orating room which had me toe tapping and honestly calmed me down significantly.  I went into the room and laid down on the bed (it's like a dentist chair) and they give you a stuffed dog to hold. 
if you don't want the details skip...I want to write it for my own benefit so I can remember

They tape you eyelids open.  Not bad. It just feels like when you hold your eye lid open.  Then they put the machine on your eye (they did my right eye first) to pull it out.  That sounds awful, but again not bad.  A little pressure (nothing like pressure in the labor room).  Then the next machine comes over your eyes.  This is when they cut.  I crossed my fingers the cutting machine wouldn't have a glitch.  Sometimes (RARELY) the machine skips a part on the cut and all that means is they don't do the LASIK that day.  It feels like a little vibrator on your eye. No pain, it just feels weird.  With tweezers they pull the flap back...SO WEIRD.  you can still see through the whole thing.  They set up the laser.  Nothing touches your eye its like a pen thing to the side pointed at your eye.  He then starts it and they count.  I think it was 23 seconds.  All I saw was a red flickering light and heard popping/clicking sound.  Then they turn that off and with a cool little nail polish like brush brush the flap down.  They rinse the eye with water and continue brushing it.  I liked that part it felt so weird and cool.  Then I close my eye and they switched to the other side.  Once down with the other eye they had me stand up and turn around and look at the clock on the back wall(someone helps because the Valium makes you a bit tipsy)...i could SEE IT!!!  They took me out to Keith and told me to keep my eyes closed as much as possible for the next 24 hours.  Keith loving guided me outside and we headed home.  We went home and he sat next to me on the bed and held my hand while I slept for a bit.  He helped with drops and such and then went to pick up the kids.  By later afternoon and evening I was bored.  I wanted to get up and be around my kids.  I didn't stay in bed, but I did try to keep my eyes closed.  They give you this mask (above pictured) to wear for a whole week.  It's very uncomfortable sleeping in, but survived.  The next morning (10am) I had a check up.  They said my eyes looked awesome!  I had 20/25 vision in both eyes!  The rest of the day just took it easy.  In the evening my dear friend's little sister was having her reception.  I've always been close to the family and so I went with Brittany to the reception.  I was a little worried about my eyes, but I was careful.  I can't wear makeup for two weeks. so don't mind the pictures.  More to come...

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