Sunday, July 7, 2013

Easter Day

 Easter was the weekend after we moved in with Grandma.  The Broderick side always does an Easter egg hunt together the Saturday before.  It was fun to take grandma and go together.  My parents were there, Teresa and her kids and Sherry and Troy.  Ada understood a little better what was going on this year, however she is easily distracted.  They let the little ones go first.  Ada's first egg she opened and realized there was something inside.  Then whenever she found an egg she had to stop, open and inspect.  It greatly slowed her down, but cute and I'm ok with her not ending up with a bunch of candy.
 found an egg...then inspecting the goods
 Ada and Kenna just had fun playing together before and after.  It was so fun to watch her hunt for eggs.
 Easter morning we had their Easter Sunday outfits laid out with a few eggs and suprises hidden around the room.  Ada and I enjoy painting our toes and fingers so I got us a few new colors.  Rue had fun looking for eggs, but it was very short lived.  Ada wasn't great...she needed "colder" or "warmer" help.  So we practiced again with her empty eggs after church.  She got a kick out of taking turns hiding and finding them.
 Man, I just LOVE this kid's lips!  They are so dang cute!
 It was our first Sunday going to our new ward with Grandma.  She was nice enough to take a picture of us all in our new Easter Sunday outfits in front of the church.
 For dinner we actually joined the Christian family this year.  We had a delightful dinner and then Grandma Christian helped the kids dye eggs.  Rue just wanted to drink the pretty water.  Ada was great about it.  She really did a good job and was careful.

 When all the eggs were dyed and dried we took them outside and hid them for the kids.  Only Ada, Rue and the twins took part, but it was fun to watch them explore.  Ada's practice during the afternoon paid off and she even helped Rue find her eggs.

 My pretty ladies.  I got the fabric for their skirts at Goodwill.  It was 2 dollars for almost 3 yards.  I got the lace trim and waist bands at SAS for 25 cents a yard.  They are just basic circle skirts, but I love how they turned out.  Their shirts are just cheap Walmart shirts, but again cute.
 Not going to lie...we took SEVERAL of these trying to get all kids to look.  Basically it was deemed impossible and this was the best one I got.  The kids had fun playing together outside and it was just a nice low key evening. 

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