Monday, July 22, 2013

Dance Recital

 Ada has been in a dance (ballet and tap) since January.  It is a lady in our old stake that taught out of a studio she built on her house.  Ada LOVED going.  It was every Thursday from 9-10am.  After we moved we continued to drive out there every week so that she could be a part.  I knew they had a recital and I really wanted her to be a part of that.  It's good for Ada to learn from someone else and build confidence. 
 It was crazy driving out there every week, but worth it.  Sadly the morning of their recital Ada woke up and threw up.  She went back to bed and was in bed until 10am.  I freaked out.  SERIOUSLY?!  I've been driving to Mesa every week for the past month and a half just so she could be in the recital and now the day of the recital she gets SICK?  At 10am she got up and just wanted to play.  I made her stay in bed or on the couch.  She didn't have a fever or have ANY symptoms for the rest of the day.  I called Andrea (her kids do dance there as well).  She said take her.  If she isn't throwing up and I can help keep her away from other kids, she has worked too hard to miss out.
To make things more complicated, I had been looking for the landscaping bricks for grandma's yard.  A lady out in Mesa had some and I figured if we were going out there for the dance recital I could just get them on the way.  Grandma did decide to come with us.  So at 4pm I got us all headed out the door.  As we get to the car Rue trips and runs her forehead into our metal camera case.  She cut her forehead and blood starts rushing everywhere.  AHHHH!!!  We went back in and took 15 minutes trying to get the blood under control and get it bandaged.  So, already behind schedule we head out.  Turned out the bricks were further than we thought.  We got there around 445pm (we had to have the kids at the recital by 6pm).  We rushed and put some of the bricks in the car and headed out.  We hadn't eaten and Ada wasn't dressed.  We stopped at a Subway and got a few sandwiches and changed Ada.  Still made it there at 6:05pm.  A little late, but not that last dancer.  I helped her get dressed and all ready to go.  Then hurried to my seat.  I debated staying back stage with her, but was worried if I did she would pull a Mother's day fiasco and refuse to go on stage simply because I was there.  So, I took my seat.  When she ran on that stage her groups turn I just started crying.  She was up there!  She was going to do it.  And she did!  She is the youngest kid in the group, but she did her dance.  It was so cute!  Her tap number was first to the song "Real Live Dolly."  Her ballet number was to "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes."  It was worth it...TOTALLY!!!!  I'm so proud of her and she was SO proud of herself. 

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