Thursday, July 25, 2013


My birthday fell on Tuesday. Bleh...but the day before was Memorial day.  I've always liked having my birthday around Memorial day.  Every once and a while it even lands on it.  Memorial day this year was my birthday.  Keith was WONDERFUL!  He was so accommodating and tried so hard to make it a great day.  We were spending the day with my family.  Keith really wanted ribs for the BBQ and some hot dogs.  We gathered everything together and all got packed up.  Grandma came with us and we headed to mom and dad's.  We got there and the girls (my sisters and their kids) were in the pool.  Keith said he'd take care of food and I went out with Ada and Rue.  With the LASIK I'm not allowed to go swimming for a month.  I can get in the water, but not suppose to get any water in my eyes or go under water.  So I had a large brimmed hat and sunglasses on.  I just sat on the step with Rue.  We had a wonderful lunch of BBQ goodness.  It was delish to be sure!  I love just sharing a meal and talking with my family.  After lunch we got little ones down for a nap and then headed to Sherry's house.  It was time for Sister Craft.  For the past few years when it is one of my sister's or mom's birthday we do a meal and craft together.  I LOVE it!  I have something to look forward to every birthday.  Plus, it feels so special to get away from kids and just spend time with my sisters.  And, who doesn't love a kid free zone to craft it.  Teresa planned this one based on a vision/idea I came up with.  We had a board that we put a vinyl copy of the constitution on it then painted stars with that "spell" out 1776.  We love American stuff.  Grandma didn't want to make one so she just observed and made suggestions. We had a lovely time chatting and crafting.  Teresa got my some cool nail polish, Sherry got me a fabulous orange bubble necklace and Andrea made me a hair turban for after the shower.  When we got to the end it was dinner time  We ordered Indian food.  Keith and Dad were AWESOME!  they took care of Teresa and our kids.  The food was delish...or course it was Indian food.  It wasn't the best Indian food, but still yummy and makes my belly happy.  When we finished we all headed back home.  I couldn't stop smiling!  I just felt so loved and everything was perfect.  I'm grateful for family who make me feel special and made my "day" enjoyable!

LASIK update: My eyes were really good and didn't hurt at all the first day.  The second and third day they started to itch or get dry.  They told me the more I use eye drops the better they will heal.  I have to use the antibiotic and steroid drops for a week.  They make my eyes itchy and burn a little.  They also make them a bit gooey and not a huge fan.  I can see fabulously and just can't stop feeling SO blessed and lucky.  Every once and a while I think "oh yeah I need to take out my contacts" then i remember...NO I DON'T!  I LOVE it, I love LOVE being able to see with my own eyes.  I have been given such a blessing and I am forever grateful!!!

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