Wednesday, June 5, 2013


(long, wordy post)

Grandma was set and still thought she wanted us to move in.  We did talk with her about how crazy our family is with two little ones.  She said she wanted distractions and was happy to have us.  She started moving stuff out of the two spare rooms.  We started packing seriously and trying to figure out what to do with our stuff.  It was sad packing up things and knowing I wouldn't be seeing them for a while.  I had a hard time packing the girls' room.  I brought both my babies home to that room.  It sounds silly, but it is a very special place to me and always will be.  Our plan is to be at grandma's house until we find a house to buy.  We would like to find something by August, but who knows.  The market is awful for buyers right now and sadly we missed the low prices.  Things are very expensive again, and there is a lot of competition from investors.  More on that later.  We rushed to pack things and never had a set move date.  I slowly moved things over throughout three weeks.  The weekend of the 23rd of March grandma was in in Utah for her sister's wedding.  We asked if it would be ok to officially move in that day.  I feel like us moving in was getting to be a bit overwhelming and stressful to her.  We thought if we moved in while she was gone then she would have to take part in the craziness of the major move.  Plus that gave us two nights with the kids to possibly wake up confused or whatever.  It would just give us a few adjustment days before the real situation took place.  My dad, two brothers in law and us moved all our stuff!  They were wonderful and couldn't imagine it without their help.  My dear friend Tiffany watched my kids two days basically while we moved (truly a life saver!).  Sadly that weekend was a tad stressful.  I had to teach on Sunday (my last YW lesson), and I was jointly throwing a baby shower for my sister in law.  Oh, and on Wednesday we were asked to speak on Sunday in church.  We said yes, but I was rather a wreck trying to manage everything and Keith called and bailed.  I felt like a jerk, but just couldn't handle everything going on.

Saturday we moved in.  That afternoon I managed to make it through the shower without crashing.  The evening was pleasant as we ate dinner on grass in the backyard.  This was our biggest issue at the complex.  We LONGED for a backyard.  It isn't our house, but we are so excited to finally have access to a backyard.

Sunday we woke up especially early got us and two monkeys ready and made it back to Mesa for church.  My lesson was wonderful and I cried of course telling the girls goodbye.  I have LOVED working in Young Womens and my heart still aches that I am not working with those wonderful girls anymore.  Keith let me have a good cry after church.  We then went to our old townhouse for lunch.  We still had many little things there that we didn't have time to pack.  We still had a week to get everything out.  I spent the whole next week going out every day to finish packing and cleaning.  Grandma came back late Sunday night (the day after we moved in) and we were excited to share.  We had so much fun in the evenings eating dinner together and talking.  It was a busy and exhausting week.

Then Friday (29th) came.  That was the day of Keith's thesis defense.  We went out early to finish the very last stuff at the townhouse.  Then once again wonderful Tiffany took our kids so I could go and support Keith.  I was able to sit in and hear all about what he researched.  It was very stressful and overwhelming.  We have had LoTS and I really mean LOTS of problems with Keith's advisor.  He is flaky, inconsistent and doesn't give a poop about us.  We have been (for the lack of a better word) screwed SO many times by him.  He was one of the worst complainers during Keith's defense.  It's a tad touchy of a subject.  They did pass him, but he has to make revisions which means he didn't graduate in May as was the plan.  His research was controversial and made some of the people get huffy because it wasn't "green."  He was basically showing that buying a hybrid didn't save enough money or gas to really make it worth it.  It's interesting, but ruffled a few feathers.  The goal is now to finish it by end of summer or fall.  Probably not till fall.

So, now we are just into normal life.  Ada continued to do her ballet and even had her recital in May.  I will post that later.  It took a few weeks to really few comfortable.  It still feels weird sometimes to be here.  We have loved most everything.  Of course their are a few hard aspects (shared bathroom with kids, no covered parking, not my kitchen stuff, everything in boxes), but it is manageable.  Life isn't perfect and it isn't meant to be easy.  I'm learning to be more patient with my kids.  We go the the library every Tuesday morning to give grandma a break.  I think she is finding that my kids really are a handful, but we all try to get along.  Keith was called out on a business trip for a week in April and I had a wonderful time with grandma.  It was much better than being alone.  We have LOVED working in the garden and helping grandma fix is up.  Things outside were let go while grandpa was sick.  We are learning about taking care of a house and this is a great "guinea pig" experience for us as we prepare to have our own home.  Life isn't always easy, and honestly I think it ends up being hardest on Grandma and me.  There have been hard days, but lots of good days too.  I love my grandma and am grateful for the chance to spend time with her and get to know her in a more personal and close way.  I will never forget this experience and will never regret it.

I feel like we have finally settled into a grove.  Somedays better than others but comfortable.  My girls now call this home and have stopped asking when we are going to OUR home.  LaRue has changed drastically since moving.  She is more jabbery and much more toddlerish than baby.  She LOVES to give me hugs and I adore it!  Ada learned to ride her real bike (training wheels).  We love going for walks around here.  It is a very pretty neighborhood.  I am running most morning and again, love running around here.  I love that I no longer have to vacuum 1 to 2 times a day (as I did at our other place).  Saturday is our big clean day and then Wednesday is my other big clean day.  I feel like I have more time to play with the girls.  I do miss my sewing and crafts.  Most of that is packed away somewhere in the garage.

We are hunting now officially for a house and will post later on that.  For now...we still live in limbo

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Erin said...

Sounds like you're doing really well! Good luck finding a house!