Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mustache and Lips Party

The funeral for grandpa was planned for March 5th.  Everyone was coming in to town and would be all together.  Teresa's little boy turned one at the beginning of the month and Andrea's little girl's birthday was the day of the funeral.  Teresa and I had wanted to do some kind of joint celebration for our one year olds so we decided to wait and combine it with Andrea's girl.  Doris and all her family was in town and we even had a few other relatives there.  It was a bbq lunch, pin the mustache on Logan and fun pictures.  Teresa did a fabulous job with the decorations and cakes.  We really had a wonderful time together.  A sad occasion to be getting together for, but so grateful for my family and it turned out to be a wonderful chance to grow closer together.  Grandpa always stressed the importance of family and thanks to his example we are close.

 Pin the mustache on Logan

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Keith had to work of course so he wasn't able to be there.  I felt bad, but that was the best time to do it.  Ada is finally started to get to the age where she can play better with her cousins which is wonderful!  They have a good time together.

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