Sunday, April 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

I have to make it very clean with separate blog posts that Rue's birthday and Valentine's day are NOT the say day.   I know it's silly, but I was desperate that she not share her birthday with Valentine's day.  It's such an annoying "holiday" and I don't want her to have to deal with that for the rest of her lift.  So, separate they are! 

 I decided I wanted to make a Valentine card for my moms.  I saw cute Pinterest things were people did kisses and took pictures.  My attempt wasn't so perfect, but at least I tried.  My kisses look like giant bug bites.  The kids don't really like to have their pictures taken so it was a quick 5 minute shoot.  I love the above picture for Rue's lips....oh how cute they are!  LOVE that kid's face!  Ada of course has a very Keith fake smile.  Makes me laugh.
And this one...if basically my life!!!  Ha, this is really want most of the 5 minutes were.  Awww, to have small kids and try to take creative pictures.  Not much happened during the day.   Keith was very sweet (we've had a few rough Valentine's days with competition with school and such).  He very romantically planned something.  He even set up the babysitting (his wonderful parents).  I was suppose to take the kids over there by 4 or 5.  When Rue got up we headed out.  We got over there and then Keith and I headed out.  We enjoy hiking and Keith knows I love active things so we hiked North Mountain.  It's really little, but it was just nice that he thought of what I would like to do.  Earlier I had called a real estate agent so we talked through things on our hike.  We have been looking online for a house and talking seriously about moving/buying.  We wanted to get with a real estate agent so we could state looking at them.  Our hike was very nice (picture below).  Just felt energized and loved being outside with my best friend.
When we got down we needed to swing by my grandparent's house.  Grandpa has had health struggles for years, but he is strong and hangs on.  January he started really getting worse and just changing.  The beginning of February hospice told us to gather family that it wouldn't be long.  We all rushed to his side and family flew in.  Grandpa in his cute stubborn way showed us all up.  He is still hanging on.  He has still declined, but lasted past the time hospice told us.  Grandma had called me earlier in the day and asked me to bring a few of her old journals, which I had borrowed, over so she could read to grandpa.  She wanted me to bring them over tonight, so when we got off the mountain we ran over.  Grandpa and Grandma were holding hands watching the spoken word.  Grandpa LOVES to watch that in the evening.  I love that they were holding hands.  I look up to them as an example of true love.  They have been married just over 65 years and treat each other with such respect.  I'm actually so honored that I could see them on Valentines day.  My aunt and uncle were there (we have had to have someone there almost at all times to help with grandpa).  They asked if we could hang out a minute so they could go get dinner.  I knew that Keith had special dinner plans, but he agreed.  That night my uncle was suppose to be giving grandpa a blessing that he could be at peace and be able to go soon.  I know that sounds morbid or maybe cruel, but he was struggling to hang on.  He wasn't eating basically at all (for a few weeks) and just so weak.  It was getting harder and harder on grandma emotionally.  My parents and grandma's sister Mary came over for the blessing.  They invited us to stay, but we needed to get going.  It was getting late (almost 8) and we weren't even sure if we had time to go eat ourselves.  We decided to go for it and kids were ok.  Keith took me to the Five and Diner we went to on our first date 6 years ago.  We haven't been there since our first date and it was VERY sweet!  He was so thoughtful and actually tried to be romantic!  It really meant so much to me that he put effort and thought in the night's planning.  And, I got to see my grandpa!  Great day...I am so lucky and blessed to have people that love me and that I can love! 

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