Sunday, April 7, 2013

Keeping Busy While Daddy Was Gone

As mentioned, Keith was gone quite a bite between January and February.  I know I am not a single parent and would never compare what I went through to them.  I'm grateful for the time he was home and the small glimpses I had of single parenthood have made me appreciate that Keith does come home at times.  He had two trips to Vegas in February so here are a few things we did to keep busy.
 In January (while Keith was in DC) I decided to put Ada in a ballet class.  There is a lady in our stake that teaches out of a studio she built on to her house.  My sister's kids all have gone there and Ada's friend even goes there.  She has been SO excited about it and looks forward to it every Thursday.  She isn't very coordinated and she is probably the stocky-ish kid in the class, but she loves it!  I love that she is taking ballet and experiencing a class setting, getting exercise and learning so coordination.  Sure love this tiny dancer
 Zoo trips of course!  I have gone several times with friends and even with family.  This was a fun adventure with cousins.  I'm glad me kids love to be with their cousins. 

 I decided while daddy was gone and I was at my wits end to do something TOTALLY unusual and fun.  We went out to dinner and ate it at the park.  We went to Chick-Fil-A, because Keith claims he doesn't like it so we never go there, and got yummy food.  Ada didn't really eat very well and Rue was a tad fussy, but whatever.  It was different and it got me out of the house. 

 Rue finally cut her next 2 teeth.  Now she is a vampire...or bat, take your pick.  It was BRUTAL cutting them, but glad they are in.  She has a pretty goofy smile now, but I think I love it even more now.  It makes me laugh every time and that's a good thing!

Jamba Juice had a $1 special thing going just before Valentine's Day.  We of coursed LOVED that and got smoothies.  We LOVE us some smoothies and even better when I don't have to make them.  Ada thought it was so cool and was thrilled with her "purple" smoothie.  Lucky me, I got to share with LaRue.  Good thing I like her.

Of course it was always nice when daddy came home and I was able to finally get help.  The girls loved having him around.  I think part of our behavior issues may have stemmed from the irregularity of parents.  Dad was gone and back, gone and back.  It just through everything out of wack and I truly think they just didn't understand what was going on.  (One of the things we did to survive was go to the library every week.  We had new books and got out of the house.  Plus the kids were always excited to show daddy their new books.  I'm so glad my kids love books!)

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