Monday, April 15, 2013

Grandpa Broderick

Friday the 22 I had to opportunity to sub in 4th grade.  It was even in my old classroom and I had such a wonderful day.  That night we were going down to Tuscon (just Keith and I) to have dinner with a work associate and then stay with our dear friends who just bought a house down there.  The dinner was delightful (though the service was TERRIBLE).  Sadly, I had a migraine come on and was fairly miserable most of the rest of the night and the next morning.  I was weaning Rue, so I was able to take some medicine, but still very sick from my headache.  I felt terrible for being so uninteresting with our friends.  In the morning we headed back and picked up the kids from his parents.  We had decided to do our taxes for our "date night."  For the past several months we had joined with 3 other couples and each took a turn in the month with all the kids while the other couples went out.  Granted it was crazy the week you had all the kids, but it was WONDERFUL to have a set three other date nights with free babysitting.  Sadly this was to be our last date night as the group was disbanding.  We were getting ready to drop the kids off when I got the call from mom.  I had called, as usual, in the morning to check on grandpa's condition.  He had basically slipped into a coma state and wasn't awake.  He had been like that for a few days, so we all knew the end would be soon.  My mom called a little after 5pm.  I had a good cry then packed up the kids to drop them off while Keith continued with the taxes.  The date night just happened to be next door to my sister Andrea's house.  I pulled up and saw her on the phone.  I knew who it was and couldn't keep it together.  We cried together.  I'm so grateful that I was able to have her to lean on at that time.  I knew it was coming, but it made me SO sad.  I had grown very close to him over the past few years of vising each week.  I couldn't imagine going over there without him there to  say hi and try to make Rue smile, or, hardest of all, not walk us out and wave us off and we left (a tradition he has done all my life).  He was a good man, a devoted husband and a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ.  Every week he told me how blessed our family has been because they moved here to Arizona and how blessed we are to be a family.  He was almost 90 years old.  Everyone found it unique that his favorite number was 23 and he died on the 23rd.  He was born May 23.  He was a soil scientist for the government, fought in WWII (one of 6 out of his whole company to survive), married over 65 years.  He loved to garden and was the most stubborn and headstrong man I've ever known.  He knew what he wanted and he always stuck to it.  I'm so proud of him, and truly and forever grateful that I was able to spend so much time with him over the past 3 years.
 (grandma and grandpa loved to square dance and such when they became empty nesters.  I remember as a kid seeing the dressed up to go to dances)
(they met in Utah and school and got married in September.  Grandma's daddy loved nice coats and actually bought grandma this one as a wedding gift.  She later turned it into a bear that sits in their living room and Ada LOVES to hold it)

Sunday was hard.  Everything made me think of grandpa and then I'd cry all over.  A sweet boy in our ward had seen Andrea and I crying the night before and brought us ice cream as condolences for our loss (what a sweet tender young man).  I had to teach YW lesson and it took everything in my to keep it together.

Monday was our normal visit day so we went out.  My aunt was there and everyone was a bit emotional.  It was quite hard to be there without him.  I had to hid and cry a few times, but tried to be strong when grandma was around.  She was actually doing quite well, considering.  She pulled me aside and asked to speak with me.  We sat down and she expressed that she didn't want to be alone in the house and asked if I would come live with her with my little family.  It was very touching and incredibly sweet.  I'm touched that she would even consider me and my crazy kiddos.  I have so much respect and love for my grandma.  I told her I would talk it over with Keith.  I knew he would agree, but wanted to give us the chance to talk it over.  We weren't in a hurry and I knew she would need some time to get situated herself.  We wanted to give her to time to really think it over and make sure she really wanted us to come.  Again, I was very touched and would do anything for her to help!

I'm so grateful for the knowledge that I have to eternal families.  Life doesn't end here; it doesn't.  I will see grandpa again and right now he is enjoying a glorious reunion with his mother (who died when he was a teen) and his father (who died early grandpa's marriage).  This brings me peace and I know it was a peaceful situation.  I love my grandpa, I respect him and will always remember him.  I can still hear his voice and see his smile when I close my eyes and that brings me great joy.

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