Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sherry's Wedding

 My sweet little ("mini me") sister got married on the 28th of December.  She had a beautiful wedding and a wonderful day for all of us.  Two weeks prior we all were able to go through the temple together.  My siblings now have all been endowed.  I LONG for Kevin to come home so we can ALL go to a session together.  What a miracle and happy day that will be.  Family all gathered throughout the week of Christmas. 
Wednesday (26th) we had a "girl's night" at mom's house.  We had dinner and just shared and chatted.  Doris, Andrea, Teresa, Sherry, Julie my mom and I were all together for this.  We had fun talking about the joys of marriage and sharing funny newlywed experiences.
Thursday Sherry and Troy went to the temple in the late afternoon to take their pictures.  It was fun watching her get ready and seeing them together all dressed up.
Friday was the BIG day!  It was a little tricky arranging everything for all the little girls/kids while we all were at the temple.  Sherry's sealing was at 11:30am.  Ellie came to our place to watch my kids and Teresa's kids.  She was brave to deal with 4 kids under 4 years old.  She even managed to feed them lunch and get them into their dresses.  So, they were sealed and it was beautiful!  Husbands raced back to our house and Andrea's houses to grab kiddos and get them back in time for Sherry and Troy to come out.  It was a wonderful group of family there to share and so much fun seeing all the millions of little girls in their matching outfits.
 The picture day on Thursday ~ My grandparents were at the sealing ~ All the group ~ all the nieces and nephews

After the temple we took our kids and Ellie back to our place.  She hung out here with them while we went to the luncheon.  It was at Tia Rosas (SO YUMMY!).  We sat with Dave, Phillip and Julie for the luncheon.  Following the luncheon we hurried back to get our kids and get them "ready" and headed over to the Wright house for the pictures and reception.  We were suppose to be there at 4, but it ended up being more like 4:30pm.  
 Sister ~ My family (minus Kev) ~ Wedding Party
 We managed to get a fun family picture as well. Rue looks so happy!  She was cold if you can't tell by her little Rudolph nose.
Rue being so cute (of course) and other kid pictures.  The cousin boy one is hilarious!!!  
The reception was gorgeous!  The flowers, outfits, kids, decorations, everything was just so nice.  She had sweet breads and hummus and veggies for food.  There was a line then a movie then dancing.  It was so relaxing and just fun!  Sherry and Troy headed out around 9 and we hurried home to get kids to bed.  Exhausted and tired, but very content.  Sherry and Troy Hatch; congratulations!

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