Sunday, March 3, 2013

January...Not my Favorite

New Year's Eve family was all in town, however that evening I started feeling sick.  Me and Rue got so nasty cold from Hades!!  It lasted over three weeks and we were pretty messed up!  Rue actually got so wheezy we were worried we would end up in the hospital with RSV again.  Keith and I took turns sleeping on the couch cushions on the floor next to her, heater and humidifier, so we could hear her breathing.  After a week of that she did improve enough that we didn't worry about RSV.  I had massive congestion and coughing like crazy.  I was exhausted all the time and really struggled.  Keith was working all day everyday on his thesis so he wasn't much help here.  It was not a fabulous beginning to the year.  However, on the plus side we did finally get to buy new phones.  Mine died 5 months ago and I've been using a friend's old phone.  It was super nice of her to let me use and I appreciated not being without a phone that time, but it was old and I was anxious to upgrade.  When iphones first came out Keith really wanted one.  I told him not until he got a job; we just didn't have the money for it.  Now that he has a job, or at least the job offer and start date, I couldn't really say no.  And, I didn't want to.  I wanted one too!  It has been very exciting and I do really love my phone!  I love being able to take pictures that look good!  So many fun things that I can now do.

After being miserably sick SICK for three weeks Keith left for a conference to Washington DC for 6 days.  I will discuss that in my next post however.

Keith started his new job for Kimley Horne of Martin Luther King day.  He works 9-10 hour days Monday thru Thursday and then half day on Friday.  His drive time adds on about two hours to that time.  So basically he has entered the realm of being gone nearly 12 hours every day. 

Really, not a fabulous start to my year.  I spent it sick, alone, and struggling to find peace with Keith getting a new job, but still feeling VERY pressed financially.  Oh, and did I mention my grandpa got REALLY sick and we were told by hospice to start gathering family.  Yep, not a good month

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