Sunday, February 3, 2013

December news

 BIGGEST NEWS!!!!!  Keith was offered a job!  He has been interviewing and looking all semester.  He finished his last class for his Master's program this month and all that remains is writing/presenting his thesis (DRAMA connected to that dang thesis...).  He interviewed with this company back in October.  They are a national firm and go around to colleges and do blank interviews at the end of semesters just to get a heads up of who is out there.  They liked Keith and said they would call him back if they ever had an opening.  Keith continued to interview and search since there wasn't a "opening" there.  At the beginning of December he saw posted that they had a job and applied and emailed the man who had interview him prior.  The guy said they were just getting ready to email Keith to apply and come in for another interview.  He had like a 4 hour interview with several different people.  They took him to lunch and seemed interested.  There were a few aspects that made us a tad nervous.  But, just waited to see what would happen.  Within the week they called and offered him the position.  We took the rest of the week and weekend to pray and fast about it.  We felt good about it.  There were other companies that we was really holding out for (hiring in Feb of 2013).  We decided it wasn't safe to wait and hope for something.  We accepted.  He signed the contract to start January 21st 2013.  We were SO excited!  Nervous, but excited to be growing up and moving on.  The company is located in central/northern Phoenix.  We debated back and forth about whether to find a place to rent and hurry and move before he started or to wait.  We felt the need to wait and save up to buy a house hopefully mid year 2013.  We are truly blessed!  Heavenly Father knew we were in need of a job and provided an opportunity for Keith that will benefit him professionally.  We are very thrilled about this new chapter in our lives.

Kids are growing up so much and Rue seems to be so grown up, yet still so small.  She is smaller in size than Ada, but has a large personality.  I love seeing what crazy thing they will do next.

 Rue loves to eat bubbles.  Just had to document that!

 Big news for me.  I got all my paperwork submitted and turned in to start subbing.  We were worried at the beginning of December about Keith finding a job or not.  So, we decided to have me at least be prepared.  We had talked about me doing it between Rue and Ada, but it didn't feel good.  It didn't feel that way this time so I went ahead and submitted everything.  I even had my first time subbing for First Grade before winter break.  I decided that I didn't really want to be in the system or having random last minute jobs.  I wanted to only sub for the school I use to teach for.  That way teacher who know me can call ahead of time and schedule with me and I can prepare.  I also know the school and where things are and how most things work.  It also helps when subbing to know the teachers.  My first time was fabulous and I had such a great time!  It was really fun to be back in the classroom.

BIG NEWS..again!  Once we found out about Keith's new job we realized we either needed to move very quickly or we needed to get Keith a car.  We have been living with one car for 5 and a half years.  Anyone who has had to do this knows, truly knows, how challenging this can be.  Dropping each other off, coordinating schedules, asking for rides, using other means of transportation, or just being flat out stranded some times.  We made do and now was the time to grow up to two cars (technically we had two when we got married, but Keith's car died 2 months after we got married).  We started shopping dealerships and getting a feel for things.  We decided we did want to go through a dealership this time for the safety and experience of it.  We were mostly looking at getting a Honda Civic, but open to some degree.  We had planned to get a fairly old cheap car.  Keith then started thinking we should just invest and get a new 2012 Civic.  Massive stress to me (I am the buyers remorse queen!).  We decided to think about it over the weekend and after talking to a few people Keith was content to get a used 2012.  My parents graciously watch the kids while we went Christmas Eve.  Tested drove and bought a car!  Yes, we now have TWO cars!!!  It is a good investment and Keith is VERY happy with his new ride.  Just one more massive blessing this month!

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