Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

Ward Pancake breakfast - On the 15th we had the ward pancake breakfast.  They even had a bounce house this year.  Sadly it is a bit to rowdy for Ada so she didn't venture in.  Santa even showed up at the end.  As always, Ada was a chicken.  She was very excited while we were in line, however at the moment of truth she chickened out.  Rue was just confused!  At least she didn't cry.
Christmas Eve we usually spend with my family.  We have the tradition of a big meal (usually Mexican) and then we act out the nativity story.  Last year mom and I worked really hard to make better "costumes" for this night.  Kenna was Mary and Logan was baby Jesus.  He didn't last long, but it was cute.  Ada was one cute little angel.  (wish she acted more like an angel)  We did sweet pork salad for the dinner.  We had Services, Hatches, Christians and both Rowses.  We had Services this year for gifts.  We made them a car mat, hair bows and a date night gift card.  Sherry "Hatch" had us.  She got us some pieces to attach to our food saver so we can vacuum seal jars, a game and coloring stuff for Ada.  Then we went home put kids to bed and prepped for the next day.  Actually I had one gift not finished so I frantically finished.
 Christmas morning gets more and more fun with kids.  The girls were very excited to see their new doll house.  We had to go pretty cheap this year due to finances.  We got the doll house and toys to go with it from Andrea who was getting rid of it.  We got a bigger bike for Ada free from Craigslist (it's pretty beat up, but Ada doesn't notice).  Our big family gift to ourselves was a Vitamix!  We are VERY excited.  We make smoothies all the time and our old was was quite frustrating to use.  We save up all year so this was our big gift.  It was so fun to open and watch the girls get so excited.
 Christmas day this year was with the Christian Family.  We hurried over after our own little morning opening.  His family's tradition is a big wonderful breakfast.  Waffles, berries, cream, bacon, eggs, and all kinds of goodness.  We enjoyed that and opened a few gifts.  Jason and Melissa came over with JR.  Ada loves to play with JR.  After lunch we headed over to the park right by their house.  We walked with the kids in the wagon.  It was wonderful!  I love being outside and watching the girls play.  Grandpa Christian came with us and Ada had such a wonderful time playing on the slide with her.  Rue loves being in the swing.  She thought the wood chips were strange, but at least she didn't try to eat them.  She always eats the sand. 

It really was a wonderful day!  I had such a wonderful time with his family.  It is always hard to not be with my family.  Not because I don't love Christians it is just different.  This year, it really felt so natural and I just loved the day.  I was so happy and content driving home.  It was relaxing, low key and just enjoyable.  I love my in-laws and am so grateful for all they do for me and my family!  Wonderful, wonderful Christmas. 

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