Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rue is 10 Months

LaRue is now 10 months!  She is sweet little bundle of joy!  She can say "mommom" and "dadada."  She has the best dancing skills of anyone (as you saw in the above movie).  She smiles and squeals.  She LOVES to be snuggled and tickled.  She is standing up now and I'm hoping she will walk soon.  She is very fast with her crawling skills and must be watched closely around stairs because she finds it fun to climb up and free fall down.  She still only has 2 bottom teeth.  She loves to tease Ada.  She lights up when daddy comes home!  She brings so much joy to my life!

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Julie Rowse said...

That video is AWESOME. I can't wait until she can walk. I'm sensing some dance parties happening in the summer!!